The BVUUF Board of Officers and Trustees is comprised of four officers and three trustees. Trustees are elected by the Fellowship to a three-year term. Officers are elected to one-year terms. Elections are held in May and terms begin and end in July, allowing for some overlap between departing and new officers and trustees.

President: Christiane Olivo
Vice President: Elisabeth Kern
Secretary: Elizabeth Robinson
Treasurer: Wayne Itano

Joan Mulcahy, Keith Searight and Marky Lloyd

Contacting the Board:
You can email any member of the BVUUF Board of Officers and Trustees or contact the Board generally by going to our contact page and selecting the appropriate contact. Alternatively, call the office at 303-665-4280.

Board Functions, Covenant, and Code of Conduct

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  • Christiane Olivo
  • Elisabeth Kern
  • Elizabeth Robinson
  • Wayne Itano
  • Marky Lloyd
  • Keith Searight
  • Joan Mulcahy

Term expires 06.30.17

My daughters and I started attending the Fellowship over ten years ago. I cherish many aspects of our BVUUF community. I am always moved in some way by Sunday services, have been in a wonderful covenant group for more than four years and enjoy attending Adult RE classes. I have been energized by serving as the leader of the LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation Task Force, as a mentor for the Coming of Age program and by bringing my passion for creative endeavors to the New Year’s Mini-Retreat. Serving on the Board offers me another means to give back to this community that so enriches my life.

In my professional life, I have been a political science professor for almost 20 years and have taught at the University of Northern Colorado since 2001. One of the best parts of my job is having opportunities to travel for research, conferences and teaching to places such as Germany, Croatia, Kazakhstan and New Zealand.

My husband and I moved to Louisville, Colorado, in 1994. Since 2001 we have called Longmont home. In my free time I love to hang out with my daughters, going to museums in Denver, to the movies, shopping and especially traveling. I also enjoy walks around McIntosh Lake in Longmont, hiking, camping, laughing with my friends, and engaging my creativity through collage, painting, art journaling, writing and playing guitar.


Elisabeth Kern (2) (1)

Vice President
Term expires 06.30.17

I became a member of BVUUF in early 2008 after feeling that something was missing in my life. It was a search for community, reason and meaning. My husband Peter saw an ad in Time magazine, placed by the UUA national marketing campaign, with the headline: “Is God Keeping You From Going to Church?” That was exactly how I felt after visiting churches in my neighborhood and never fitting in nor agreeing with the message. However, being part of the BVUUF community nurtures and supports me in everything I do.

Since becoming a member I have taught OWL (Our Whole Lives), have been a Neighborhood Connector and have performed on my violin at services, at coffeehouses and auctions. My family moved to Colorado from Switzerland in 1997 following my husband’s transfer for his business. We have lived in the same neighborhood in Westminster for the past 16 years, where we have raised our two lovely daughters, Mirjam and Sibylle. During this time I earned a bachelors of music from Metropolitan State College in Denver followed by two semesters of graduate studies at CU Boulder. In 2007 I opened my own music teaching studio, “HappyToons,” that has grown into a large community. To stay fit I enjoy walking, biking and yoga.


Elizabeth Robinson

Term expires 06.30.17



wayne itano

Wayne Itano





Term expires 06.30.17

I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, where I attended religious education classes at the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church. But, like many UUs, I did not immediately join another UU congregation when I left home for college in 1969. For 15 years I was a “UU without a church.” During that period, I graduated from Yale and then Harvard with degrees in physics, moved to Boulder to work on atomic clocks at NIST (National Insitute of Standards and Technology, then called the National Bureau of Standards), and met and married Christine Yoshinaga.

I became an active UU again so that our daughters could receive the same kind of religious education that I had. After a few years with the UU Church of Boulder, we moved to the Fellowship, but only after they started a religious education program. We have remained with the Fellowship ever since, through one name change, three locations, and five ministers. In my 27 years with the Fellowship, I have served in various capacities — as an RE and OWL (Our Whole Lives) teacher (for years I was the only male in the Fellowship trained as an OWL facilitator), as a steward, as a sound-system operator, and as a member of the Finance Committee. I have held positions like treasurer or secretary-treasurer in various community and professional organizations. I hold two uncompensated scientific research positions — Scientist Emeritus at NIST and Curator Adjoint in the Paleontology Department of the University of Colorado Natural History Museum, and I continue to publish in both areas. When I can find the time, I like to go running.

Term expires 06.30.19

Filling in for another member.

keith searight (2)

Keith Searight

Term expires 06.30.17
I grew up in a small college town in Central Illinois and my first job growing up was in agriculture. I went to college at the University of Tulsa and went on to get master’s degrees in geophysics at Stanford and computer science at CU. During my career I’ve worked as an applied geophysicist and software engineer in the earth sciences and geographic mapping.  Currently I lead a software development team for the Science On a Sphere project at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in Boulder. I’ve lived in Louisville since 2001 with my wife, Sherlene, and our teenage sons Will and Ben.

I joined the Fellowship in 2004 right after our move to Lafayette, but attended UU churches for more than 25 years.  In the past I’ve served BVUUF in a variety of ways, including teaching CYRE, helping with Stewardship campaigns, as a member and co-chair of the Committee on Ministry and as a member of the Sabbatical Committee. I really enjoy being a part of the BVUUF community and helping it thrive into the future.

Joan Mulcahy Trustee

Term expires 06.30.18
I was born in Massachusetts, grew up in Ohio, went to college in Wisconsin and attended graduate school in Columbus, Ohio. I have an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in statistics and spent my working career in many different aspects of computer technology including software engineering, research support, hardware development and testing and user support.

My first visit to BVUUF was in 2001 shortly after moving to Colorado from western New York to become a software engineer at Storage Tek. While I visited the Fellowship several times, it took until 2009 before I began attending Sunday service regularly and became a member. Since then I have become more and more involved in our Fellowship community starting as a coffee server in 2010 and later taking over as coordinator of that program in 2011. I also served as a steward in 2011 and then on the Stewardship committee for several years. At present I serve on the Member Engagement Council.

I enjoy hiking and biking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, finding a great deal of my spiritual nourishment in the outdoors. The other significant contributor to my spiritual growth is our Fellowship. I have watched with both awe and pride as our it has demonstrated both generosity and creativity in discovering so many ways to serve both our members and the world outside our doors. The Fellowship regularly challenges me to open my mind and my heart to life’s big questions and I feel enriched as a result of my participation in this community.