The purpose of the Committee on Shared Ministries is to understand, assess, support, and advocate for robust and shared ministry throughout congregational life. This elected committee provides leadership, mission, and vision to the Congregation’s ministry programs. It also serves as one of the channels of communication among congregants and with the Minister. The most important functions of the committee are:

  • In partnership with the Minister, educates the Congregation regarding all aspects of the ministry
  • Coordinates between the Minister, the Congregation, the Board, other committees, and ministry programs to provide ministry leadership and vision
  • Coordinates periodic and rolling assessments of the shared ministry of the Congregation and the professional ministry
  • Annually reviews priorities and results with the Minister
  • Annually reviews salary, benefits and professional expense allowances of the Minister and recommends adjustments to the Board
  • Recommends and actively supports sabbaticals and other professional development of the Minister
  • Holds the confidence and trust of both the Minister and the Congregation.

Members or friends of the congregation are encouraged to discuss any concerns they might have with regard to ministry first with the minister and then, if needed, with members of the committee.

CoSM Mission, Members, and Success Traits

Committee on Shared Ministries Members

Jim Highsmith

Laura McCollum

Illya Kowalchuk

Derrick Belanger

Lorraine Wilson

Kris Zoellner

Deb Schmidt

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