Our congregation’s Sunday services are a collaboration between the minister and congregants. Worship Associates (WAs) are trained leaders who provide the congregant voice in the service in the form of personal reflections, readings, and/or images to enhance the theme. Each year, 12 – 16 WAs work with Rev. Lydia, Rev. Ruth, and other WAs to create worship that reaches our hearts, challenges our minds, and lifts our spirits. Worship associates serve for one year, and have the option of serving a second year.


Do you like to delve into a topic and cultivate gems? Do you enjoy speaking before people? Do you enjoy working collaboratively on creative projects? Worship associates do all these things, bringing their perspective to the theme of the month and the topic of the week.

We are looking for a diverse group to join this exciting and fulfilling program. The worship associate team needs to represent our Fellowship with a balance of gender, age, sexual orientation, and cultural and religious diversity.


Worship associates help lead services with Rev. Lydia, Rev. Ruth, or other WAs 3-4 times a year, September 2017 — September 2018.

There are two full-day Worship Associate Trainings a year, and one half day. Worship associates sign up for the services they will lead at these trainings.

Worship Associates attend the Sunday Services Launching Lab the third Wednesday of the month, 7 p.m., the month before a service they are going to help with or lead. They are also invited to attend two months before. We’ll get inspired about the themes of the next two months and brainstorm ideas with each other and the music leaders. We’ll also take a few minutes to reflect on what has been especially inspiring about the previous month’s services.

A few weeks before your service, the worship team (you and Rev. Lydia or another WA) gets in motion — meeting and creating the order of service. The two weeks before and especially the week of the service, there is a lot of back and forth planning to finalize the details of the service.

In order to engage more fully with how the theme is weaving its way into congregational life, we strongly recommend that WAs also attend at least one of the thematic offerings for the month they are leading worship:
“Seeding the Conversation” on the first Tuesday of the month
“Playshop” on the first Saturday of the month
Any of the “School of the Spirit” offerings

For more information, please contact Silvine Farnell (silvine@sfarnell.net), Bruce Martin (martingh53@gmail.com) or Rev. Lydia (revlyd@gmail.com)

To help you (and us!) decide whether being a Worship Associate is right for you, please fill out the form below. If you fill it out on paper, return it to Silvine, Bruce or the Worship Services mailbox in the copy room.

With great appreciation,
Rev. Lydia, Silvine Farnell, and Bruce Martin

The co-leaders of the WA team, in council with Rev. Lydia, will decide on next year’s Worship Associate Team, taking into account the various types of diversity we like to see represented.

Worship Associate Sign-up Form

Here’s some useful links for the Worship Associates, who help to bring each Sunday service to life.

Worship Elements: BVUUFWorshipElements.doc

Worship Associate Survey: https://docs.google.com/a/bvuuf.org/forms/d/1EC0c_50_0euD4Siw1Dt9yTTk-6PDo0bdjnnp-X_9iZs/viewform

Sunday Hymns:SingableHymns

To gain access to the Worship Planner, contact the Office Manager at officemanager@bvuuf.org