The Committee on Shared Ministries oversees BVUUF’s councils, strive to support and advocate for shared ministry throughout congregational life.
[accordion] [accordion_section title=”Aesthetics Council”] The Aesthetics Committee is responsible for the look and feel of the Fellowship building, especially the sanctuary, the foyer and the building entrance. The committee coordinates with the Communications Committee, the Buildings Committee and the Grounds Committee to assure a desirable aura is maintained.
[/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Adult Religious Education Council”] The Adult Religious Education (A-RE) committee invites adults and teens to join us in exploring new opportunities for growing and learning in this supportive religious community. Members and non-members all are welcome to participate in A-RE courses and workshops scheduled each fall and spring semester.
[accordion_section title=”Member Engagement Council”] The purpose of the Member Engagement Council is to create pathways that enable people to find meaningful ways to participate in the life of the Fellowship, beginning when they first enter the doorways of the building and continuing through the time when they take on roles as leaders.

The Member Engagement Council is a standing committee, coordinating a number of active task forces, each dedicated to doing the work necessary to support this mission.

These include:

• Providing Sunday morning hospitality to our members and newcomers with an informative Welcome Table, Greeters, and Coffee;

• Offering regular “Path to Membership” classes each year, and co-coordinating the new member recognition services;

• Illuminating other pathways for new members and active visitors to deepen their involvement and engage in community-building and service activities;

• Maintaining, with staff, an accurate and up-to-date listing of members, friends, and active visitors.

Member Engagement Task Forces are project-dependent. They meet only as needed, and membership on these task forces is expected to be flexible and often short-term.

To learn about becoming a member or rejoining the Fellowship, see these pages:

Path to Membership

[/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Memorial Services Committee”] The Memorial Services Committee organizes the support teams that work with our Minister to perform Celebration of Life services of the Fellowship’s members when needed. Activities include, but are not limited to, providing for the reception following the service. Other support services are defined as appropriate for each event.
[/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Music Council”] The Music Committee supports the Fellowship Singers, and the Music Coordinator. The Singers practice each Monday evening, 7-9 and usually perform at both services one time each month, September to June. Choir members need to enjoy singing, have a basic understanding of how to read music, but do not need to be expert musicians. Occasionally the choir sings with other choirs in the Mountain Desert region. Members from the committee and the choir assist the Choir Director as the music librarian, and communicator for the group.

The Music Coordinator recruits professional musicians for the remaining Church services. Committee members assist as needed. This includes support for the Concerts at 4, which occur several times per year. The committee wishes to coordinate other musical offerings at the Fellowship, and encourages the development of other musical groups. More about music’s role in the Fellowship.
[/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Social Justice Action Committee (SJAC)”] (see the SJAC page)
[/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Sunday Services Committee”] (see the Sunday Services Committee page)
[/accordion_section] [/accordion]

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