February – Identity

 “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”  -Dr Seuss

What a perfect theme – Identity – for exploring the unique religious education identity of this Fellowship! I am thrilled to be part of this dynamic congregation with cutting-edge programming for children, youth and adults. The upcoming Dream With Us Lifespan RE Start-Up, for the interim time in religious education(RE), will launch an opportunity to begin that exploration.

The following is a revised excerpt from the training I attended as an interim religious educator:

As the interim religious educator gains clues to the total religious education picture, they will paint a portrait of the congregation and help them understand how complex and wonderful their unique lifespan religious education portrait really is. And, of course, this is not solely the work of the interim religious educator. Holding workshops to help the congregation discover this portrait is a rewarding journey for all.  Bringing the key leadership, parents, youth and elders of the church/fellowship together will help them discover this complex and wonderful portrait. The more complete the portrait, the better the congregation’s opportunity for future religious education vitality that spans the ages.

I share this because it describes so well the journey I have been on thus far in my time with you. I have observed and listened, shared and learned much about you and this spiritual community in the Boulder Valley, and there is no doubt it is a place where love and reason reside. One major component in interim work is understanding that this work is viewed through the larger systems of church life, and not only the religious education piece. It is all interconnected, and those taking part in this workshop will gain a deep understand of what interim work is and how it can inform the future of this, our living faith – to bring justice and compassion to the world.  Consider this your personal invitation to take part in Dreaming with Us on February 11. 

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