Opportunities to Participate and Volunteer

The opportunities to get involved in our community are numerous and varied. We encourage each individual to choose those opportunities that are appealing, and to get involved at his or her own pace. We understand that some like to jump in with both feet and others want to wade for a while!

Below are a few categories of ways to participate in the spiritual, supportive, and social life of our Fellowship.

Beware: clicking on the email links may take you to an email system that you typically don’t use. To contact these individuals, please copy and paste the email address into the address line for your usual email.

6@6: Six to eight people meet in each other’s homes once a month for either “Friday Feasts” or “Sunday Suppers.” Signups occur one month before the schedule dinners at http://www.bvuuf.org/66-dinners/. Contact Rosemary Arp at rsarp@comcast.net for more information.

Each month suppers will be held the Friday before the second Sunday of the month and the second Sunday. Signups for dinners will occur during the month before the scheduled dinners. No need to commit to all dinners now. You may sign up beginning in August, either in person after services or online.

Aesthetics Committee: This committee designs the look and feel of our Fellowship, decorating the building (especially the sanctuary and foyer) to enhance the spiritual experience. Meetings happen monthly, plus extra time is needed for design. Contact Janet Meyer at janetmeyer.boulder@gmail.com.

Auction Committee: Volunteers needed for help with donations, admin needs, and data entry. On auction night, we need kitchen staff setup/clean up crews, hors d’oeuvres donations, Welcome Table team members, auction table monitors, and others. For the perfect volunteering opportunity, contact Lisa Ogle at lisa.ogle@hotmail.com or at 303-664-5472.

Audio/Visual Team: Help worship leaders get their messages across and be understood by all! Set up and run sound and projection for Sunday services. Training is available; you can work alongside other team members until you are ready to fly solo. Contact: Dave Leonard at dave75leonard@gmail.com.

Bed and Breakfast Program: Bed and Breakfast hosts offer their homes to Unitarian Universalist (or like minded) travelers from the U.S. and Canada. The below market nightly fees go to BVUUF as a fund raiser. Stays range from one night to a week and breakfast can be continental or something more – you determine what will work for you. Our program coordinators handle advertising, inquiries, placing the visitors and fee collection. Hosts meet interesting travelers, offer hospitality and add to the fund raising of the Fellowship! Contact Rosemary Arp at rsarp@comcast.net.  Learn more about the Bed and Breakfast Program here. 

Book Group: The BVUUF Book Group socialize while discussing fiction and non-fiction books. Meetings occur at 7 p.m. every fourth Thursday of the month. Discussions normally focus on our worldviews, along with our thoughts and emotions tied to the book. Contact Niels Schonbeck at nielsschonbeck@gmail.com

Boulder Valley Community Action Network (BVCAN): As a part of Together Colorado,  this multi-faith, multi-racial, non-partisan group works together to bring about systemic change. Contact Marc Esenwein at mesenwein@msn.com for more information.

Sunday Bulletin Folders: Make a friend in this low-stress volunteer job! Two-person teams fold and assemble the Sunday bulletin. Work one Friday afternoon a month for 1 to 1.5 hours. As a folder, you get a sneak peek at the Sunday service and maybe a visit to a local bakery for a latte and a snack after the work is finished.  Contact Marky Lloyd (mlloyd@georgiasouthern.edu) to find out more.

Choir: Help enhance the congregation’s spiritual experience by singing in the choir. Practices held at 7 p.m. every Monday with one performance a month during our Sunday services. High school students and older welcome to participate. Contact Tad Koriath at musicdirector@bvuuf.org  to find out more.

Coffee Team: The Coffee Team extends BVUUF hospitality to our members, friends, and visitors by serving coffee during our social hour after Sunday services. Work one hour for one Sunday per month. Training provided! Contact Joan Mulcahy for more information at joanfm@comcast.net.

Communications Committee: The Communications Committee assists in providing members, friends and the public with timely information about BVUUF activities while collaborating with other BVUUF groups on communications projects. Contact Marc Killinger (tamarcos@usa.net) for more information.

Covenant Groups: Grow within a loving community of spiritual seekers with a covenant group. Develop meaningful relationships with other BVUUF members and friends. Contact Marsha Coons (marshacoons@comcast.net) or Charlene Jourdan (cjlmt1999@gmail.com).

Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA): Our congregation donates supplies for temporary housing to this Boulder non-profit. Donations can be placed in our basket near the Welcome Table in the foyer. Please contact Gail Evertz (gailevertz@yahoo.com) to find out more about our efforts with this organization.

Family Social Group: Enjoy quarterly social (and kid-friendly) events with other BVUUF families. Contact Linda Thornton at hello2linda@yahoo.com for more information or to sign up for the listserv.

Greeter Team:  Work one Sunday a month for either the first or second service. Our greeters – two per service – give out Sunday bulletins, take up the offering, count attendees, and count the collection. Be the joyful and grateful face of our Fellowship! Contact Cindy Beeler at ckbeeler1@yahoo.com.

Grounds and Landscaping Team: This team works to maintain the Fellowship grounds with seasonal clean up, gardening, planting, and mowing. Contact Chuck Hensel (chuckandbethhensel@gmail.com) to volunteer.

Guitar and Song Circle:  All are welcome to attend our circle at noon every second Saturday of the month. We play and sing class rock and folk melodies. Play and sing classic rock and folks. All are welcome. Contact Bob Warden at warden_2@comcast.net to find out more.

Homeless Shelter Volunteers: Work one Monday a month from 4:30-7:30 p.m. at the Boulder Homeless Shelter from October until April. Cook and serve dinner for 200 people with the  supervision of a long time shelter volunteer. Children 13+ can help. Contact Rich and Gail Evertz (gailevertz@yahoo.com) to volunteer.

“I Have a Dream” Support Team: Tutor low-income students at Pioneer Elementary School in Lafayette, where BVUUF we sponsor a student through a scholarship fund for college or vocational training. Contact Dianne Ladd (Dianne@laddholland.net) to volunteer.

Immigration Justice Task Force: We work to increase awareness within our congregation concerning immigration issues, provide assistance to the immigration community through information sessions, supporting immigrants facing deportation through calls, emails, and letters. We also show up at events supporting those in sanctuary or at deportation hearings whether at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Denver or at the Immigration Court. Our meetings occur after the second Sunday service. All are welcome to attend. Contact Bob Norris at snowshoebob1944@gmail.com to learn more information.

Neighborhood Connectors: Approximately 20 BVUUF volunteer in six geographical divisions to build relationships within neighborhoods and to care for our community during health crises and challenges in life’s journey. These volunteers need your help to bring meals to the ill or healing, help plan social events, drive to doctor appointments, and other helpful services. Contact Anne Bridgens (abridgins@gmail.com) or Clara Kelley (claragkelley@gmail.com) if interested.

Open/Closing Team for the Building: Once a month, we ask these volunteers to come early on Sunday to unlock the doors, start the coffee, turn on the lights, get out the candles – or, alternatively, to stay a bit longer after the service and close up by recycling the candles, turning off the lights, and locking the doors. Training provided, along with  a check list of steps for each procedure. Contact Millie Montgomery at millie2248@comcast.net to learn more.

Personnel Committee: This committee, comprised of four members plus Rev. Lydia and our Board President, commits to hire exceptional people for our staff positions. Contact Beth Hensel at chuckandbethhensel@gmail.com  for more information. A  human resources/personnel background is not necessary to serve on this committee. Instead bring a commitment to work as a team in hiring exceptional people for our 8 staff positions in keeping with BV’s by-laws and personnel practices

Racial Justice CommuniTeam!:  Engage in efforts to increase racial justice awareness within our Fellowship through discussion-based education and story sharing. Expand outward with action in partnership with other local organizations. Contact Lisa Kahn (lisaakahn@comcast.net) for more information.

Social Justice Events:  Visit http://www.bvuuf.org/social-justice-events/ to see a list of all our Social Justice Events.

School of the Spirit (For Adults): Includes classes to grow your spirit, build community, and energize your thinking. Various classes offered throughout the fall and spring. Visit www.schooloftherpirit/adultsfor more information, or contact Katie Covey at directorre@bvuuf.org.

School of the Spirit – SpiritJam: Come one, come all for special, multi-generational “Jams” that explore our monthly themes. Visit www.spiritjam.info to find out more, or Contact De Anna Hoyle at directorre@bvuuf.org.

Unity Plaza:  Work one Sunday a month between services or after second service. Sell Fair Trade coffee, chocolates, etc. to benefit our congregation. Contact Cathy Martin (martingh53@gmail.com)

Welcome Table: Work one Sunday a month in teams of two before and after each service to welcome newcomers, give out information about our congregation and faith, help visitors with name tags, and give directions to children’s SpiritJam classes. Contact Rosemary Arp ( rsarp@comcast.net) for more information.