Ingrid Encalada Latorre’s partner, Eliseo, was detained, out of the blue, by six immigration and customs enforcement agents on January 11. He has not been on their list and has no criminal background.  Ingrid and the couple’s two children are  now in Sanctuary at UUCB in Boulder. Ingrid is a leader with the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition and is part of  the  national movement for immigrant rights.   This action, similar to what is happening elsewhere in the country, can be viewed as an attack on the Sanctuary Movement.

UPDATE: February 5, 2018

Today a judge recognized Eliseo’s place in our community and ICE’s targeting of him by setting a bond of $2,500! This is good news, as it is lower than expected. We’ll see you tonight at the vigil to celebrate.

If you live in Boulder you can support Ingrid by meeting at UUCB at 4:30 p.m. and then carpooling to the Vigil.


The Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition put out this information on Friday, January 12.

On January 11, 2018 ICE detained the husband of Sanctuary leader Ingrid Encalada Latorre, currently in sanctuary at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder.

Eliseo Jurado has lived half his life in the US. His father is a US citizen and his mother a permanent resident. His son, Anibal who is two years old, and his step-son Bryant, who is nine, are both US citizens. Eliseo is the breadwinner for his family and has supported Ingrid as she fought her deportation.

Nothing new has happened in Eliseo’s life. There was no reason for ICE to target him now.

When ICE pulled Eliseo over on his way from his house to Home Depot he asked them “Why did you pull me over?” One of the six ICE officials responded “Because you’re undocumented”. They knew his truck, they knew his house, the followed him and detained him.

Ten years ago, before he met Ingrid, Eliseo had some minor problems. Like so many young people, he completed court requirements and changed his life.

The Colorado Field Office of ICE targeted Eliseo this month. In August, Araceli Velazquez entered Sanctuary and ICE went to her husband’s work to harass and question him. In April, they detained Arturo Hernandez Garcia despite a written commitment not to. These escalating attempts to silence Sanctuary leaders and intimidate their families are cruel and unjust, but won’t stop the liders or thier community.

CALL today and ask ICE to immediately release Eliseo back to his family.

We are asking ICE Denver Field Office Director, Jeffrey Lynch, to #FreeEliseo and we need your voice in this fight too.
CALL Director Lynch: (720) 873-2899

Respectfully ask “My name is ______. I am asking that Eliseo Jurado be released immediately. He is the sole breadwinner for his two sons, both US citizens. He provides emotional and financial support to his US citizen father and mother who is a permanent resident and in poor health. There was no reason to target him