The Fellowship holds several special events throughout the year. Some of these events go toward fundraising efforts, while others serve to bring us closer together.

Annual Auction

Members and friends of the Fellowship donate items or services to the auction.

Fellowship Camping Trip

The Fellowship arranges a retreat to the woods for its members and friends during Labor Day Weekend.

Meeting of the Minds and Merriment

The “Meeting of the Minds” invites congregants to come together to brainstorm ideas to further BVUUF’s vision. We hold this event on a Saturday evening around the end of January or the beginning of February.

Pumpkin Glow Potluck and Party

Bring your own pumpkins, knives, and candles to this family-friendly party, normally held the Sunday before Halloween. We encourage participants to bring a dish to contribute to the potluck dinner. Afterward, we offer a sing-a-long.

Soup Hunt for Children

Instead of an egg hunt for Easter Sunday, we have the kids search for soup cans. The donated canned goods go to the Boulder County AIDS project.