Bringing love and reason to life; building a just and compassionate world.


As a welcoming, liberal religious congregation we use freedom, reason, and respect to uplift the human spirit, nurture the intellect, and enhance the common good. To bring our vision to life, we:

  • Create meaningful opportunities for intellectual and spiritual exploration and celebration of life.
  • Care for each other and our neighbors through life transitions and challenges.
  • Improve our techniques for identifying those in need.
  • Lead generous lives that fully align our resources with our values.
  • Inspire awe, wonder, and ongoing inquiry through quality education for children, youth, and adults.
  • Covenant to lead, sustain and grow our Unitarian Universalist community and make it inviting and open for all who wish to join us on their religious journeys.
  • Reach out to our local, national, and worldwide neighbors with social justice actions that reflect our religious values.
  • Build community within the Fellowship by nurturing personal, individual connections.