Have you thought about leaving the Boulder Valley UU Fellowship a “planned gift?” With the following pages, learn how you can share the BVUUF community with our children and grandchildren, grow the BVUUF vision and mission into the wider world for years to come, and ensure that BVUUF will continue as a spiritual home for future generations.

This page can offer the information you need to learn more. The Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has created the Legacy Circle to recognize, honor and thank the generous individuals who have arranged to make a lasting contribution to the Fellowship. Members of the Legacy Circle are honored annually at our Generous Givers Luncheon.

Want to learn more about planned giving? Click here: http://www.bvuuf.org/planned-giving-info/

Check out the info form here: http://www.bvuuf.org/planned-giving-info-form/

UUA Sponsored Programs: http://www.bvuuf.org/uua-sponsored-programs/

Fund Options: http://www.bvuuf.org/fund-options/

Name of BVUUF for a Planned Gift: http://www.bvuuf.org/name-bvuuf-planned-gift/