Blog: Updates from the Board

September Board Report, from Wynn Montgomery

At its September 13 meeting, your Board filled the three remaining elected positions (on the Committee on Shared Ministries and Leadership Development Committee); discussed the continuing and growing prairie dog invasion and asked the Grounds Committee for a detailed analysis of options; and began consideration of the Congregation Wide Goals that emerged from the August … Continued

August Board Report

Your Board met twice in August and prepared for a busy year by exploring personal strengths and interpersonal interactions.  We also adopted several important policies, approved a hiring decision and a committee appointment, and scheduled a congregational meeting.  Board votes (all unanimous) approved new policies that: Create a Combined Campaigns Committee by blending the Capital … Continued

Serve Your Fellowship Community

This year, with the exciting vibrancy of planning to build an energy efficient building and raising the funds for it, there is a bigger need for us to serve and volunteer than ever.   The number one reason we all join this Fellowship is to experience each other’s support in community and to help heal … Continued

Treasurer’s Report for August 2017 by Joan Mulcahy

This is my first report to the Fellowship as BVUUF Treasurer for fiscal year 2017-2018. Thus I report on the fiscal health of the Fellowship at the end of June 2017 as well as the end of our fiscal year–information provided by Wayne Itano, our previous treasurer, in his end-of-fiscal-year 2016-2017 report submitted to the … Continued

President’s Report for August 2017 by Elizabeth Kern

Dear BVUUF Community, Welcome! We are excited to have you aboard the BVUUF Fellowship. Please fasten your seat belts, lean back and enjoy this new fiscal year. In case of unexpected turbulence, please keep your seat belt fastened and trust or assist the crew… we are moving forward to bring our strategic direction alive: “Create … Continued

President’s Report for July 2017 by Christiane Olivo

Before the June 14th Board meeting began, we joined together with new Board members Anne Reidy and Robert Nichols for a potluck dinner to welcome them and to celebrate our last meeting of the church year. We were also fortunate to have several visitors at our meeting. We welcomed Larry Sherwood, whom we approved as … Continued

Treasurer’s Report for July 2017 by Wayne Itano

In my report for the June Connections, I was pleased to report a 5% increase in pledges compared to the previous year. This increase enabled the Board to set a budget that has increases for both salaries and for programs. The pledge increase now stands at 7%, which should enable us to add to our … Continued