Updates from the Board

Treasurer’s Update for February 2018

We have learned (from some of you, our members, as well as from knowledgeable fundraisers) that many of you may no longer carry a checkbook, and that sometimes you find yourself without the cash you would like to drop in the plate on a Sunday morning. The news this month is that if you carry a … Continued

Board Update: January

Your Board had two business meetings in January, plus a Budget Visioning session with the ministers, CoSM, and representatives of the Building and Personnel Committees.  Much of the business meeting time was devoted to planning the February 3 Meeting of the Minds and Momentum (MoMM).  Other significant actions included: Approving the final draft of the … Continued

Treasurer’s Update for January

January and the New Year are well underway – a time of making resolutions.  One resolution that individuals and families often make is to make a will or update an existing will during the coming year. If that is a task on your plate, you might be interested to learn about the UUA’s “Wake Now … Continued

Board Update: December

Your Board met on December 13 and discussed and approved several important items.  We approved a significant personnel action–recognizing our Office Manager’s dedication and hard work during the recent extended period of staff vacancies by approving a special financial award for Carol Pranschke based on the net savings in staff salaries during that period. We … Continued

Hope for Lasting Friendships with the Latino Community

Thanks to the outreach work of our Immigration Justice Task Force (Jean Nuttall, Ann Morrill, Rosy Jacobson and Bob Norris) and our Social Justice Council (Chris Itano, Meri Gibb and Kelye Lotz) and thanks to the organization by Oscar Flores, BVUUF was the host of a very successful Las Posadas Celebration on Friday, December 15. … Continued

Treasurer’s Update for December 2017

As we approach calendar year-end as well as the midpoint of the fiscal year, the Fellowship’s finances continue to follow the same monthly pattern established in recent years. That is, starting with a large surplus due to early payment of pledges followed with two months of deficits and then two months of surpluses. Contributing to … Continued

Treasurer’s Update For November 2017

Since the Congregational Meeting on November 12, there have been a number of questions from members on how to make a QCD to the Capital Campaign using an RMD from an IRA. This alphabet soup really can be deciphered, so let’s start with defining the acronyms. IRA – Individual Retirement Account QCD – Qualified Charitable … Continued

Board Update for November

Your Board had another busy month.  At our regular meeting, we approved several proposals with financial implications–authorizing use of an additional $37,500 from the Building Fund for expenses associated with the Capital Campaign; approving a proposal to initiate the process for hiring an Intern for 2018-19; and accepting the Finance Committee’s recommendation that BVUUF accept … Continued

Abundance to be Thankful for!

Often when hiking in the mountains I’m stunned about the abundance in nature: abundance of golden fall leaves, abundance of fresh air to breathe, abundance of sparkly stars to gaze at, etc. This abundance seems to expand and there is never a shortage. Similar to the feeling of love where there is enough to expand … Continued