Exploring Deeper with School of the Spirit

Safety as Ministry

  I recently finished up a course on Safer Congregations for religious professionals, and I came away with the idea of safety as ministry. I learned that a culture of safety within a congregation is a shift that ensures a safer congregation and community. Having policies in place is vital, yet if the congregation as … Continued

Here We Go!

Welcome 2018 and all the excitement that goes along with a new year and what feels like a new adventure. There is much to warrant our attention so hold on and let’s get intentional about this vibrant community. Firstly, I’ll say a BIG thank you to all of you for taking part in the growth … Continued

Waiting with Hope

I was gifted a beautiful book of poetry and photographs and recently came across this poem entitled Unannouced Angel – by Myra Dutton & Trish Tuley, Healing Ground: A Visionary Union of Earth and Spirit   There is nothing left of me. Grief, hidden in the darkness, shakes one last treasure from my breath. In the … Continued

FAQ about Interim Time for BVUUF

“We shape clay into a pot, but it is the  emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.” ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching The visual of the empty space of a pot is a beautiful metaphor for the space in interim work. It is in that space that can hold what is to be. As we begin … Continued

Courageous Love

On my way into the Fellowship early Sunday morning I had a “going-to-church-experience.” As a person who works in a congregation I don’t often get to attend a service, so I recognize and relish these moments that I call spirit-filled experiences. It started when I turned on the radio, XM to be exact, which has … Continued

Welcome Home

This month of Welcome comes after a full summer of amazing (the eclipse) and frightening (hurricanes, fires) occurrences. In a world that has us wondering and reeling from the realities of living, I offer this reflection. Owl Heart by Myra Dutton Invincible through the blackest night, the clear-eyed moon emerges, complete, encircled with light. O … Continued

Growth 2

Here’s a question for you. What do you do to orient yourself toward your growing edge? I recently read the above question on Daily Compass, and learned that the reason a sunflower tracks the sun across the sky is because the stem facing the sun grows faster. Basically, it is oriented toward growth. I love … Continued