Notes from the Office

The Work at Play in the Office

What’s on our Whiteboard This Week: New Initiatives / One TIme Efforts Donate by Text Intern Search paperwork Some research for the building such as Door Phones (Thanks Paul Gibb!) Responding to Building Committee requests Testing one person having two Electronic Fund Transfers Responding to Google Tech Team proposal (Elisabeth Kern Roos, you are on … Continued

Revving up the Office for 2018!

Happy New Year! Take a deep breath. Take another deep breath. And one more. I needed that! How about you? This month, I will focus on sending out tax and pledge statements – some of you will receive multiple pledge statements, based on the ways in which you contribute to your pledge – in the … Continued

Las Posadas (a poem)

Last week, I posted a message to Fellowship neighbors on NextDoor, a social media that helps geographically-local neighbors connect, that said the Las Posadas event last Friday night at the Fellowship featured live music that would end promptly at nine. In reality, the music ended after 10 pm. (Interesting note: I’ve been told by attendees … Continued

Don’t Be Reserved When Reserving a Room (and a poem of welcome)

Reserving a Room is so Easy! Things to know: Finding the form: 1. Visit the Fellowship’s page of Forms and scroll down to the Reserve a Room form. — or — Visit the Fellowship’s homepage at Fellowship website, click on Contact Us in the upper right, then on Forms in the lower left, scroll down. Voila! You are … Continued

Forms Forms Forms: Where to go for the paperwork!

Who can take a good day… and make it all the better? Who can take a chocolate… and pair it with cream? Who can take a dream… and make it come true? Why, knowing where the forms are is like a dream come true! On the website, find forms here: Fellowship Forms.  You can also arrive at the Forms … Continued

A Multi-Layered Faith Cake (an I Am story)

I am of … Catholic upbringing, Mary mysticism and aromatic incense … Jewish matzoh ball soup and Marcia my adopted mother … 2nd Baptist gospel singing and Garry Archie wisdom mentoring … BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu temple, mala beads and Kali coming … Sikh yoga with Yogi Bhajan teaching the Divine Feminine and Wahe Guru … Continued

Care and Feeding of New Employees

With two new employees coming on-board this month, I’m going to take a stab at writing how to treat new employees – and maybe this will apply to employees in general. Of course, we are individuals – some of us like pineapple on our pizza, some of us like olives. May these tips contribute to … Continued

The Low Down on Turning the Heat Up!

You may have noticed that the weather has changed a bit in the last few days – I’m particularly astute that way myself! Here’s what you need to know about staying warm at the Fellowship: Thermostats For the sanctuary – Thermostat #1 is on the wall by the organ. Thermostat #2 is on the back … Continued

Making Purchases for the Fellowship

Thanks to Deborah Mensch for asking, Who authorizes reimbursement forms and expenditures out of a committee budget? Deborah, committee chairpersons are authorized to sign off so that the purchaser can get reimbursed. Of course, purchasers should be working at the request of the committee chair to make purchases, because the chair will know (or can … Continued

Add to the Office FAQ!

This week, I have a simple request. Let me hear from you at, and let me know what office and facility questions you have that I can answer in this blog. What have you always wondered about? I want to make sure this blog is working for you. Do you want to know what … Continued