Blog: Notes from the Office

In Honor of World Gratitude Day, Sep. 21

Brother David Steindl-Rast and a crew of followers have produced a beautiful and multicultural-friendly video about gratitude for each day. Only 5 minutes long, A Gift for World Gratitude Day, is a gift you can give yourself. Thank you, my beautiful Fellowship Family, For teaching me about social justice, different ways of being spiritual in … Continued

10 Neat Things to Know about the New Website

1. For each tab running across the top of the home page, from Home to Get Connected, click on any of them and you will see the dropdown menus, with more submenus in a lefthand sidebar. 2. The photos you see “sliding,” or rotating, on the top of the Home Page, are displayed for about … Continued

The State of the Union – for the Office!

Beautiful Friends, Good News! We have two interviews scheduled for Monday with skilled applicants for the Office Assistant position. Board Treasurer Joan Mulcahy and I will conduct the interviews; Capital Treasurer Diana Forrest may join us. I am looking forward to Monday and hope that the good news of a hire follows, though we won’t know until … Continued

Top Ten Fun Questions I’ve Asked of Others!

Turnaround is fair play! Last week, I shared the Top Ten Memorable Questions I’ve been asked as the office manager at the Fellowship. Now here for your reading pleasure, are the questions I remember as most well, kind of crazy! And yes, some of them (not all) play off of questions mentioned last week! 1. … Continued

Carol’s Schedule, Or Where the Dickens is That Woman?

Best question of the week, asked of me by an onsite surveyor:  Have you seen my machete anywhere around?   Sometimes, I am chasing prairie dogs and rabbits out of the playground. I swear the critters’ brains have gotten bigger just working on how to outsmart our installations of wire and fencing to keep them … Continued

On the Run with Dog Poop and Cops

I had been working at the Fellowship less than six weeks. My head was spinning. I stepped into the office manager position ready to share the mission, and every day there were a 1000 new questions: What does BVCAN stand for? How do I print an oos? (How do you say that?) Who are the … Continued

Google may be your Techie Bestie Friendie

Tech Tip for this week: Do not fear tech; Google it! Ever have an error message show up, or something work differently one day that worked just right the day before? Try googling it! Whatever your tech concern is about, Google Search it! If you’ve had a problem, other people have had it too, have … Continued

10 Ways to Stay on Top of Tech

  10. Ask questions. Lots of ’em. 9. Take training when you can. We’ll be offering regular Tech Time at the Fellowship. Share what you learned. 8. Find a buddy to work on it with. Two heads and all that. 7. Choose ONE question that you have, one area that you want to play with … Continued

Unveiling the Mystery: But Carol, what DO you DO?

My work at the Fellowship falls into 5 main categories: – individual membership and committee support; – staff support including payroll and new employee orientations; – financial data management; – communications and technology support; and – facility management and grounds support. With recent changes to the office job descriptions, my priorities are changing somewhat: I … Continued