Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry

Holiday Service of Healing 7 p.m.

For some of us, the winter holiday season is more difficult than joyful, more contemplative than jolly.  For some, this season brings on melancholy, or even depression. We join together, welcoming whatever this season brings in this contemplative evening on candle-lighting, sharing and music.

Give them, not Hell, but Hope and Courage

Our Universalist faith is grounded in a theology of Hope.  Today, we explore that tradition that invites us to ask the question “What does it mean to be a people of Hope?     Reflection:     Sermon:

Sacred Morsels

Our ancestors broke bread together as a holy act — embodying the abundance of the earth in remembrance of the gift of life. Today, the whole congregation gathers in our annual bread service, as we invite you to share ‘sacred morsels’ with one another. To sign up to bring a bread, please visit our home page photo banner and click on the sign up link at the Sacred Morsels image.

Magic of Ordinary Days

In this service bought by Karin Griglak at the 2016 Auction, we ask: What makes an ordinary event magical? How does our perception of life impact whether our days are ordinary or full of mystery?

Love After Death (day of remembrance)

Today we honor our dearly departed in our annual Day of Remembrance Service. Bring a photo or memento of someone (including pets) you have loved and lost to place on our altar, as we reflect upon the abundance of love that transcends even death.

Change the Narrative

What’s the story we tell about ourselves? Our country? Our world?  How do our common national narratives keep oppression in its place? Does changing narratives really make a difference?  How about those who have the courage to change the narrative of their lives?     Reflection – Janet Meyer   Reflection – Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry

Get Proximate

Today we explore the courage it takes to build meaningful relationships across difference, recognizing that change doesn’t happen from a distance.      

Welcome: Merging of the Waters

At this special annual service, community members merge waters from events and places over the summer, and Racial Justice team coordinators Lisa Kahn and Sheri Price spotlight racial justice activities. A water slide is also provided for fun after the service.    

Welcome: Labor of Love

On this Labor Day weekend, we look at the many ways we offer ourselves in service — be it paid or unpaid.