Rev. Ruth Rinehart

Making Room for our Future (one service only, at 10 a.m.)

Come join us for the fun and excitement of the Capital Campaign Kick-off! Please note that there is only one service offered on this morning, at 10 a.m.     “Introduction”, Beth Hensel     “Reflection”, Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry:     “Combined Capital Campaign Kickoff”, Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry & Rev. Ruth Reinhart:

Love and Covenant

Join us for our New Member Ceremony, and welcome our new community members into Love and Covenant, the Unitarian Universalist way.     Reflectione:     Sermon:

Intercultural Every Day

We are so much more diverse than we often think!  Join us today, on Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend,  as we look to strength in difference.  Perhaps you will think about yourself differently.     Reflection 1:     Story:     Reflection 2:

Christmas Eve: Candles and Carols at 8 pm

Join us at our annual Christmas eve service as we sing carols and explore what this Christian story of hope can say to us in these times. Child Dedications offered at all Christmas Eve services.          Christmas Message – Rev. Lydia:     Christmas Message – Rev. Ruth:

Christmas Eve 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Our popular No Rehearsal Christmas Eve Pageant comes to services 10 am and 4 pm (Spanish language translation available, 4 pm only)! For all ages – the Christmas story comes to life. Narrators tell the story, everyone is welcome to join in.  Be a star, a shepherd, a barn animal or a king. Costumes provided! We … Continued

Christmas Eve: Child Dedications Offered at all Services

Child Dedications offered at all Christmas Eve services. If you have a new baby, or are new to the Fellowship and would like any children below 8th grade dedicated, please sign up by returning to the home page and clicking on the image of the blue water bowl.

We Find Hope in Community (Chanukah)

You might thrive in this holiday season, or you might want to just pull the covers over your head.  Introvert or extrovert, CEO or homebody, God-worshipper or not, join us in worship, join us in community, join us in interdependence.     Sermon:

Holiday Service of Healing 7 p.m.

For some of us, the winter holiday season is more difficult than joyful, more contemplative than jolly.  For some, this season brings on melancholy, or even depression. We join together, welcoming whatever this season brings in this contemplative evening on candle-lighting, sharing and music.

The In-Between Spaces

What happens when we are NOT feeling abundance in our lives? How do we find it again? Where do we look? What can we “see” without our eyes?

Love After Death (day of remembrance)

Today we honor our dearly departed in our annual Day of Remembrance Service. Bring a photo or memento of someone (including pets) you have loved and lost to place on our altar, as we reflect upon the abundance of love that transcends even death.