Rev. Ruth Rinehart

We Find Hope in Community (Chanukah)

You might thrive in this holiday season, or you might want to just pull the covers over your head.  Introvert or extrovert, CEO or homebody, God-worshipper or not, join us in worship, join us in community, join us in interdependence.

Holiday Service of Healing 7 p.m.

For some of us, the winter holiday season is more difficult than joyful, more contemplative than jolly.  For some, this season brings on melancholy, or even depression. We join together, welcoming whatever this season brings in this contemplative evening on candle-lighting, sharing and music.

The In-Between Spaces

What happens when we are NOT feeling abundance in our lives? How do we find it again? Where do we look? What can we “see” without our eyes?

Love After Death (day of remembrance)

Today we honor our dearly departed in our annual Day of Remembrance Service. Bring a photo or memento of someone (including pets) you have loved and lost to place on our altar, as we reflect upon the abundance of love that transcends even death.

Stay Hopeful

Bryan Stevenson tells us that “hopelessness is the enemy of justice.” It is literally our responsibility in these times to stay hopeful.  Where do we turn when our hearts are broken again and again?  How do we sustain ourselves?  Dear ones, come join us in community.  It is the only way.    

Our Desert Faith Tradition

The welcoming of radical hospitality is a foundational tenet of Islam. In these times, what are we learning from interfaith collaboration? This service falls within the Jewish High Holy Days, asking us to look at a spiritual practice of forgiveness.    

Welcome: Merging of the Waters

At this special annual service, community members merge waters from events and places over the summer, and Racial Justice team coordinators Lisa Kahn and Sheri Price spotlight racial justice activities. A water slide is also provided for fun after the service.    

Busting the Binary: Come Out of the Closet!

Rooted in our Second Principle, Justice, equity and compassion in human relations, our worship leaders will be challenging their “normal” ways of dressing and ask you to consider doing the same. In the spirit of RuPaul, ponder this: “We are all born naked. The rest is drag.” Which closets do you find yourself in?

Voices from GA: Resist and Rejoice

10:00 AM only. Today, we’ll explore insight and reflections from the 2017 Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) General Assembly (GA).

A Body in the World

We live in these bodies, and navigate the geography of our lives. Unpredictable: Healthy one day; disabled or dead the next. Pleasure and pain; it’s a mixed bag. Join us as we explore our relationships with our bodies, with all the complications that entails: health, ethics, spirituality, sexuality, uncertainty, rejection…