Rev. Ruth Rinehart

Assistant Minister

The Rev. Ruth’s introduction to Unitarian Universalism began in 1967-’68, when her parents joined the Central Unitarian Church in Paramus, NJ. This began a lifelong spiritual search, including metaphysical, mystical Christian beliefs and practices, the Buddhist Order of Interbeing, led by Thich Naht Hahn, and a lifelong practice of meditation. Returning to Unitarian Universalism in 2008 at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden soon led to the call to UU ministry:  in this precious faith that honors contemporary religious pluralism, and provides a meaningful path towards covenanted religious community, as well as social justice grounded in faith.

Prior to seminary, Ruth’s passion for working on conflict resolution, specifically with divorcing and divorced parents, led to the founding of Three Trusts, Inc., with a mission to help parents reduce the conflict in their family after divorce, which is the best way to help the children navigate the transition and mitigate the emotional damage. Although this work was not seen then as ministry, it is clear it was the precursor to the ministerial call.

Rev. Ruth is passionate about the covenantal nature of Unitarian Universalism, a religion with no creed.  What holds us together is the deep and sacred promise to walk together in religious community. At the core of our covenant is Right Relationship, a commitment to increase our conflict competency, and stay in relationship even when the going gets tough.

Living in Golden, CO, with her husband Dave, Ruth enjoys their permaculture suburban food production, along with bees and chickens.  Daughter Lora lives in Texas, and daughter Amelia is exploring the world at large. Ruth is on the Board of Trustees of the Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice; she is committed to trusting the agency of women in making their own choices about their own health and reproductive lives.

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