School of the Spirit

If you’re in 9th-12th grade, register here if you want to participate in BVUUF/UUCB youth group activities.

Dive Deep: Boulder Youth Retreat 2013

Dive Deep: Boulder Youth Retreat

Youth Activities

Options on Sunday Mornings

  • Multi-generational SpiritJam activities
  • Collaborate with staff to lead a SpiritJam activity
  • Adult Religious Education classes
  • Worship service
  • Volunteer as part of community service fulfillment
  • Assist Miss Ari in the preschool!
  • Help take photos for the website and social media pages
  • Join the Youth Choir!


  • Bowling
  • Jump Street
  • Game Nights
  • PaKua Martial Arts
  • Youth Overnights
  • District Youth Conferences (aka Cons)
  • Summer Camps
  • Mission Trips
  • Youth Led Worship
  • Summer Adventure Crew Activities (Backpacking, hikes camping etc)

Youth Group: Consist of a joint effort between UU Church of Boulder  and Boulder Valley UU Fellowship for High School youth. Youth group night consists of dinner, and a space for youth to relax and grow as Unitarian Univeralists among a community of their peers.

Youth Group Calendar 2016-2017 All meetings are at 6:30pm  

July Overnight: July 15th 2016- July 16th 2016

9/23/2016  @ UUCB

10/21/2016  @UUCB

11/18/2016 @ UUCB

12/2/2016 @ BVUUF 

1/27/2017 @BVUUF

2/10/2017 @BVUUF

2/17/2017 @ BVUUF

2/19/2017 – Youth Lead Worship: Exploring UU  Youth Identity @ BVUUF

2/26/2017 Youth Lead Worship: Exploring UU  Youth Identity @ UUCB

3/17/2017 @UUCB

4/21/2017 @UUCB

5/5/2017@ UUCB

7th/8th Grade Our Whole Lives, Sundays 10:45 a.m.- 12:15pm

OWL presents a comprehensive approach to human sexuality in an age-appropriate manner and is based firmly on the values of respect, responsibility, justice and inclusivity. See the BVUUF OWL page for more information.

OWL Calendar is located at the following link.

8th/9th Grade Coming of AgeSundays 12:30pm- 2:30pm 

Coming of Age celebrates the transition from childhood to youth – the time when people come of age. The teenage years are a time of tremendous growth and change. Throughout history, many cultures marked this human passage with rituals, learning, testing, and celebration; we’ll do the same. We will have two retreats to bookend the program and have classes where we’ll help the youth tackle the “big questions” and develop their faith statements. These faith statements are presented to the fellowship on Youth Sunday, each spring. See the BVUUF COA page for more information.

Coming of Age Calendar is located at this link.

9th Grade Trip to Hopi/Navajo Lands, Meet once a month at local UU congregations

For over 50 years, ninth graders from Front Range UU congregations meet for retreats and classes that culminate in a 10-day trip to Hopi and Navajo Lands. See the 9th Grade Trip website for more information.

Further Information:

Find out what’s happening with Unitarian Universalist Youth and Young Adults nationally at Blue Boat.

To get connected, please fill out this High School Youth Contact Form:

District Youth Conference Calendar

Please contact Rachel Stevenson, Youth Coordinator, if you have any further questions.