Celebrate your special event in the life-affirming and positive space of the Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. We are happy to host your next event!

Special Note: Due to the start of building renovations in August 2018, no rentals are being accepted for any event taking place after June 23, 2018.

Step One: Choose the Right Room for Your Event 

1. The Sanctuary, spacious and nondenominational, seats up to 150. This photo shows one possible arrangement. Tables and chairs included in rental.

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2. The Pauling Room (named after Linus Pauling) is a meeting room that seats 14. We also offer the Alcott Room (named after Louisa May Alcott), which has a smart TV, piano and seats 14.

Pauling Room
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3. Choose the cozy Thoreau Room (after Henry David Thoreau), our smallest meeting room (seats 8).

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Step Two: Fill out the forms

  1. Check out the online Calendar to see if availability matches your needs, and
  2. Complete the Rental Agreement with our office manager and pay a security deposit.
  3. Contact the Office manager by email or by phone at 303-665-4280 to complete the arrangements.

Step Three: Voila!

With these steps completed, you have secured the use of this life-affirming space for your special event!


All Rental Forms (we’ll go over these during your call)

Rental Rates
Rental Policy
Alcohol Policy
Rental Rates – Member Addendum
Closing the Building Checklist