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Left to right: Gloria Pearlstein, Joan Mulcahy, Scott Youmans, Marky Lloyd, David Leonard, Nancy DiLaura, Susan Bateman

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Marky Lloyd, President

Term expires 06/30/20

I joined the Fellowship in 2009 when my partner, Judy Holleman, and I moved to Boulder after our retirement. I’m very grateful to be a part of this special faith community. Our Sunday services nurture my spirit, our commitment to social justice work inspires me, and the support of our community sustains me. 

I was born in Idaho, grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and fell in love with Colorado when I was an undergraduate at the University of Denver, so living here feels like a dream come true! For many years, I was a “UU without a church.” I officially became a Unitarian Universalist (UU) 25 years ago when I joined the small UU Fellowship in Statesboro, GA, where I was a very active member.

I’m a retired college professor (PhD in personality and social psychology from the University of Arizona). I taught for 16 years at Suffolk University in Boston and for 16 years at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro (near Savannah). My professional passions were teaching, textbook writing, and departmental administration. I enjoy music, traveling, nature, and photography (landscape and flowers), and spending time with friends.

Currently, I serve as a Steward and a Sunday Bulletin Folder. I’ve also been Board Vice-President, Board Trustee, Co-coordinator of Neighborhood Connectors, Chair of the Member Engagement Council, Chair of the Communications Committee, and Coordinator of the Sunday Bulletin Folding Teams.    

Nancy DiLaura, Vice President

Term expires 06/30/20

My husband, Joe, and I moved to Colorado from Indianapolis in 2011. Family brought us west, but it was the welcoming congregation at BVUUF that helped me settle into our new home. With the exception of living one year in Alaska, I spent the whole of my youth, college years, and professional life in central Indiana. I hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Butler University and an Ed.D. in educational leadership from Indiana University. I’ve worked as a journalist, a non-profit executive, in politics, and as an administrator for an Indianapolis-based community college. I enjoy spending time with our Lafayette family – daughter Shelly, daughter-in-law Debbi, and grandson Nicholas. Retirement has provided numerous opportunities to discover new passions such as teaching ESL students for Intercambio, walking dogs for the Longmont Humane Society, and singing with a local women’s choir. Finding a spiritual home at the Fellowship has been among the highlights of moving to Colorado. I enjoy singing with the Fellowship Choir and One Voice, drawing on the collective wisdom of the wonderful women in my covenant group and in Senior Seekers, and co-chairing a Sunday hospitality team. I’ve served as a service associate, co-chair of the Member Engagement Council, and co-chair of Path to Membership. I joined the board of trustees in August 2018.

Gloria Pearlstein, Secretary

Term expires 6/30/20

I grew up in Pennsylvania, got my bachelor’s degree at Penn State, and then spent most of my adult life in the Washington DC area. My family moved to Colorado in 2013, shortly after I retired from a varied career as a writer, editor, job skills training developer, strategic planner, and manager, primarily for Federal agencies.

Raised in the Ukrainian Orthodox church, I abandoned church life for many years, and then attended Unity and Science of Mind churches before finding BVUUF. I joined the Fellowship in October 2014, and am grateful to be part of this vibrant, nourishing, and caring community. I sing in the choir, serve on a Hospitality team, belong to a Covenant group, and have co-chaired the New Member Dinner since 2016.

I’m honored to be serving as this year’s Board Secretary. In this role, I hope to draw on somewhat similar experience from years past, when I served as Secretary for the Washington DC chapters of a professional organization for training developers and a songwriters’ association.

Learning and teaching are important values for me. I hold a Master’s degree in adult education and volunteer as an instructor for Mental Health First Aid classes offered in Boulder and Adams counties. A lifelong learner, I started taking violin lessons when I was 60. I’m studying classical music but also play fiddle in an amateur ladies’ bluegrass band.

I live in Erie with Richard, my husband of nearly 39 years; our young adult offspring, Becca; and a house rabbit named Hesper.

Joan Mulcahy Treasurer

Joan Mulcahy, Treasurer

Term expires 6/30/20

I was born in Massachusetts, grew up in Ohio, went to college in Wisconsin and attended graduate school in Columbus, Ohio. I have an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in statistics and spent my working career in many different aspects of computer technology including software engineering, research support, hardware development and testing and user support.

My first visit to this Fellowship was in 2001, shortly after moving to Colorado from western New York to become a software engineer at Storage Tek. While I visited the Fellowship several times, it took until 2009 before I began attending Sunday service regularly and became a member. Since then I have become more and more involved in our Fellowship community, starting as a coffee server in 2010 and then taking over as coordinator of that program in 2011. I also served as a steward in 2011 and then on the Stewardship committee for several years. At present I serve on the Member Engagement Council.

I enjoy hiking and biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing; I find a great deal of my spiritual nourishment in the outdoors. The other significant contributor to my spiritual growth is our Fellowship. I have watched with both awe and pride as our it has demonstrated both generosity and creativity in discovering so many ways to serve both our members and the world outside our doors. The Fellowship regularly challenges me to open my mind and my heart to life’s big questions and I feel enriched as a result of my participation in this community.

Dave Leonard, Trustee

David Leonard, Trustee

Term expires 6/30/21

I was born in Montana to school teacher parents who were also homesteading in Northeast Montana. The 1930’s were not kind to dry land homesteads, so my childhood of memory followed in Rocky Mountain Montana, Idaho and Oregon. Graduating from Benson Tech High school in Portland, I tried a year of college at Reed and then transferred to Iowa State at the invitation of my sister and her husband. Having started in radio as a student announcer-board operator at Benson, the attraction of the Television wasn’t far behind.

Iowa State had the first educationally-owned TV station in the country and began offering course work to prepare us to work in the field. Growing up with television and deciding on the educational TV route, I managed to graduate and find a mate. Mary and I were together for nearly 60 years when she died. We produced three children who in turn produced grandchildren and one great grandson. My work as manager of Educational/Public Television stations and state networks took us from Iowa to Oregon to Indiana to Pennsylvania to South Dakota. Retirement and twin granddaughters brought us to Colorado.

From my initial involvement with the Liberal Religious Youth at Iowa state, and Mary, until this day I have been involved in congregational and district Unitarian Universalism. I seem to be known for my humanist involvement at BVUUF. Stories I can tell about this growing congregation are available over coffee or other relaxing pastimes. Returning to the Board after a 20 year layoff reminds me of how things grow without one always noticing how fast it is. I look forward to a good year in this new role. (I rehearsed with Committee on Shared Ministries last year.)

Susan Bateman, Trustee

Term expires 6/30/20

I was born in Houston Texas. My family moved around a lot due to my father’s job (Ventura, CA, Newark, NJ, Golden, CO, and different cities in Texas). We moved to Midland, TX from Ventura when I was in 9th grade. I was sad to leave the beach town, so I joined the swim team my Sophomore year in high school. This led to getting a full scholarship to swim in college. I graduated from LSU in Baton Rouge, and then moved to Houston. I later went back to school at night to earn a M.S. in Management, Computing and Systems from Houston Baptist University. This led to some really fun positions with Lotus Development and IBM. I have spent most of my adult working life in high tech positions. After running my own IT business for years, I sold my company in April 2017 and have been enjoying a little more relaxed work life by working for the new owner.

My partner, Cindy Beeler, and I joined the Fellowship about 12 years ago after visiting one summer Sunday and thinking we had found “our people!” Early on I joined one of the Small Group Ministries which was a great way to meet other UUs. Over the years, I have volunteered to help with our newsletter, on the Communications Committee, served as a Greeter, staffed the Welcome Table and am now on the Board. I am also the Board Liaison on the Building Committee and the Building Management Team.

I am certainly looking forward to serving on the board this year, and seeing the vision of our new building come to life!

Scott Youmans, Trustee

Term expires 6/30/22

My partner, Kelly LoGiudice, and I moved to Colorado in the summer of 2014, relocating here from the western suburbs of Philadelphia where we were members of the UU Church of Delaware County and the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia. Prior to that, we lived near Providence, RI where we were members of the Religious Society of Bell Street Chapel and where we first became Unitarian Universalists in 2001. While we have enjoyed living in many parts of our nation, we have fallen in love with the Front Range and look forward to exploring its communities and wonders for many years.

I’ve been interested in religion since I was a child going to Baptist Sunday School in Florida. I now embrace a perspective of multi-religiosity (or deep ecumenism) that is informed by the teachings of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Rev Dr Ibrahim Farajajé, Fr Thomas Keating, Fr Richard Rohr, Ken Wilber, and others. I consider myself a Neopagan Zen Sufi Christian-Mystic Panenthiest, and my primary spiritual practices outside of the Fellowship are participating in the Dances of Universal Peace, hiking/snowshoeing in the grandeur and glory of Nature, and attending the Ft. Lupton Masonic Lodge.

I’ve served previous congregations in many ways, most consistently through leading and supporting Sunday services. At Bell Street, I was board president for one year before moving to Pennsylvania. At First Unitarian of Philadelphia, I served on the Ministerial Leadership Team, similar to our Committee on Shared Ministries, for two years. I’ve also been a Coming of Age mentor, men’s group facilitator, and adult religious education facilitator.

During the week, I’m an Enterprise Architect for Sev1Tech, a technology consulting firm. In addition to my service here at the Fellowship, I volunteer my time as a member of the technology team for Unitarian Universalist Allies for Racial Equity.

I’m grateful that the congregation has placed their trust in me, and I look forward to the challenges and joys of the coming years together.

The Fellowship’s Board of Officers and Trustees is comprised of four officers and three trustees. Trustees are elected by the Fellowship for a three-year term, and these terms are staggered so that one position expires each year. Officers are elected to one-year terms. Elections are held in May and terms begin and end in July, allowing for some overlap between departing and new officers and trustees. The Minister serves as an ex-officio member of the Board. The Board meets monthly at a minimum.

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