Board of Officers and Trustees (front left to right, Paul Brynteson, Diane Witt, Scott Youmans. Back left to right, Jim Highsmith, Doug Schmidt, Janet Meyer

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Scott Youmans, President

Term expires 06/30/22 My partner, Kelly LoGiudice, and I moved to Colorado in the summer of 2014, relocating here from the western suburbs of Philadelphia where we were members of the UU Church of Delaware County and the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia. Prior to that, we lived near Providence, RI where we were members of the Religious Society of Bell Street Chapel and where we first became Unitarian Universalists in 2001. While we have enjoyed living in many parts of our nation, we have fallen in love with the Front Range and look forward to exploring its communities and wonders for many years. I’ve been interested in religion since I was a child going to Baptist Sunday School in Florida. I now embrace a perspective of multi-religiosity (or deep ecumenism) that is informed by the teachings of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Rev Dr Ibrahim Farajajé, Fr Thomas Keating, Fr Richard Rohr, Ken Wilber, and others. I consider myself a Neopagan Zen Sufi Christian-Mystic Panenthiest, and my primary spiritual practices outside of the Fellowship are participating in the Dances of Universal Peace, hiking/snowshoeing in the grandeur and glory of Nature, and attending the Ft. Lupton Masonic Lodge. I’ve served previous congregations in many ways, most consistently through leading and supporting Sunday services. At Bell Street, I was board president for one year before moving to Pennsylvania. At First Unitarian of Philadelphia, I served on the Ministerial Leadership Team, similar to our Committee on Shared Ministries, for two years. I’ve also been a Coming of Age mentor, men’s group facilitator, and adult religious education facilitator. During the week, I’m the Director of Engineering for LegalShield. In addition to my service here at the Fellowship, I volunteer my time as a member of the technology team for Unitarian Universalist Allies for Racial Equity. I’m grateful that the congregation has placed their trust in me, and I look forward to the challenges and joys of the coming years together.

Janet Meyer, Vice President

Term expires 6/30/23 I grew up in a blue collar family in Cincinnati, the first to go to college. I moved to Boulder after graduation and supported myself as a baker before going to grad school in Counseling Psychology. I worked in the Boston area for several years before heading back here in 1994. Like my winding journey across the country to get here, my spiritual journey has been circuitous. I left my Catholic roots at 13, became a born-again Christian, set off to college to become a minister, strayed from the straight and narrow path in a great many ways, fell into community with non-violent Quaker activists in New England and eventually found myself in step with UUs. I joined UUCB in the 1990s and started coming to the Fellowship with Larry and Morgan in 2009. I am a white bisexual cis-gendered woman of size and consider myself a class straddler, having been raised working class and now firmly in the professional class. I recently retired as a Counselor and currently teach memoir writing classes and am a portrait photographer. I am married to Larry Sherwood and mom to Morgan Sherwood, both members of the congregation. I enjoy hiking, baking, gardening, and playing the Zimbabwean marimba. My time at the Fellowship has been rich and rewarding. I’ve served on the Member Engagement Council, the Aesthetics Committee, Caring Council, Hospitality, the Personnel Committee, and the COVID Preparedness Team. I help produce the weekly newsletter, maintain the website, support members with technology issues, and have become the de facto photographer for the congregation. I am excited about serving on the Board during this time of transition and possibility.

Diane Witt, Secretary

Term expires 6/30/21 I was born and raised in Northern California, spending most of my youth in the Bay Area. Joining VISTA in 1969, I came out to Colorado for training, and after serving in VISTA in western Nebraska and La Junta, Colorado, I found my way to Boulder and earned my degree in education at CU Boulder. I taught Boulder County kids for the next 34 years, while raising my three children in Lafayette. I made the Fellowship my spiritual home about 15 years ago because I love the people here and the spiritual direction BVUUF has taken me.
Doug Schmidt Treasurer

Doug Schmidt, Treasurer

Term expires 6/30/22 I’ve been a BVUUF member for over 10 years. My wife led me to this after I had given up on my childhood faith upbringing and was for awhile not interested in replacing it. I have come to find the camaraderie and the spiritual journey to be rewarding and uplifting. After initially receiving a bachelor’s degree in American Studies I decided to become an engineer! I went back to school and then ended up working as a product development engineer and later project manager at IBM here in Boulder. My job was taken over by Ricoh of Japan in 2007 and I later retired after 32 years combined at the two companies. IBM moved us here in 1995 and we’ve enjoyed Colorado ever since. I’m now serving as Treasurer. I think I have enough experience for this having managed budgets as part of my work at IBM, and having for years worked with spreadsheets. However every organization is different so I have plenty to learn in this new role. I look forward to serving you all!

Jim Highsmith, Trustee

Term expires 6/30/22 At BVUUF I have served on the Building Committee (co-chair for 2 ½ years), strategic planning committee, Committee on Shared Ministries, Worship Associate, Stewardship committee, and racial justice committee. I have been a UU for over 50 years serving in 7 other UU churches and the Mountain (UU) Camp and Conference Center (North Carolina) as President, Treasurer, Pledge Drive chair, Finance Committee, Board Member and Welcoming Congregation Committee. My vision for the Fellowship is to utilize our capabilities and new facility to pursue our mission of Inner Depth Outer Focus.

Paul Brynteson, Trustee

Term expires 6/30/23 I was born and raised in a Pentecostal, Evangelical Christian home where my father was a pastor. After completing a BA in 1965 in Minnesota, I continued graduate education through the MS and PhD, followed by 40 years being a faculty member as well as various administrative positions at 4 universities in South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and finally in Arizona. After completing an additional graduate degree in Public Health in 1999, I spent the last 10 years of employment doing projects together with the Navajo Nation from my faculty position at Northern Arizona University. In 2008, I retired along with Donna, my wife (of 59 years), and moved to Broomfield (of course, to be near children and grandchildren)! While the first 45-50 years I continued as an active Evangelical Christian, beginning at age 50 cognitive dissonance together with my theological doubts lead me to began exploring other religious traditions which lead me to recognize I have perhaps always been a humanist. Appreciating that, I discovered a religious community in Unitarian Universalism that was consistent with everything I believed. Five years ago, Donna and I joined BVUUF, found here a wonderful home, and want to service this community and its values. Interestingly, this will be the 4th Church board I have served on in four different states.

The Fellowship’s Board of Officers and Trustees is comprised of four officers and three trustees. Trustees are elected by the Fellowship for a three-year term, and these terms are staggered so that one position expires each year. Officers are elected to one-year terms. Elections are held in May and terms begin and end in July, allowing for some overlap between departing and new officers and trustees. The Minister serves as an ex-officio member of the Board. The Board meets monthly at a minimum.

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