Leadership Development Committee Members for 2023-2024

Barb Sterling, Nancy DiLaura, Stephanie Tuley, Jim Highsmith, Scott Youmans, Marsha Coons

One vacant position.

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) makes recommendations for Officers, Trustees, Leadership Development Committee members, Committee on Shared Ministry members, and such other leadership roles as determined by the Board. These nominees are named in the written notice of the annual Spring Business Meeting where election s take place.

The LDC consists of six members nominated by the Board and elected by the membership to serve for three years. Each year the members designate a second or third-year member of the committee for a one-year term as chair. The Fellowship’s immediate Past-President also serves on the committee — ex officio, but with a vote. Any member completing a full term cannot be eligible for immediate re-election. The committee nominates candidates to become Officers and Trustees and present the slate prior to the Annual Business Meeting in the spring.  At the same meeting, the Fellowship votes on two new Board-nominated candidates for the Leadership Development Committee to assume the three-year terms being vacated by the longest-serving members.

For more information about the LDC, please contact leadershipdevelopment@bvuuf.org.

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Description of a Leadership Development Committee Member/Co-Chair

INITIAL RESPONSIBILITIES (upon joining the Committee):

Meets with predecessor(s) for one-on-one briefing
Becomes familiar with LDC charter and other appropriate background reading.

— Participates in the fulfillment of the Committee’s mission to develop congregational leadership through the identification, recruitment, and training of candidates who are representative of the congregation as a whole and who offer the possibility of service to the Fellowship in the future.
— Participates in annual elected-leadership retreats scheduled for the third weekend of August (Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon) and mid-winter (Saturday morning and afternoon).
— Prepares for, attends, and actively participates in monthly Committee meetings.
— Responds promptly to email dealing with LDC business.
— Conducts one-on-one interviews to maintain a skills, interests, and availability inventory of our Members and Friends.
— Helps develop and offer training to congregational leaders and emerging leaders.
— Participates in the planning and execution of an annual leadership development retreat.
— Helps ascertain (from committee chairs) key leadership vacancies in the Fellowship as well as elected vacancies (through Board President) for the following year.
— Participates in informing members of the Fellowship of the open positions, their job descriptions, and ways of suggesting candidates to the LDC.
— Participates in screening candidates for each position.
— Helps prepare the slate of candidates for elected positions to be presented to the Board at its April meeting.
— Helps prepare a recommendation to the Board of possible candidates for UUA-sponsored Leadership School.
— Preparation for monthly Committee meetings: ±1 hour per month.
— Committee meetings: ± 2.25 hours per month.
— Email discussions between meetings: 1 hour per week.
— One-on-one interviews: 1 hour, 4 to 6 times per year.–
— Orientation of new Committee member: ±2 hours per year.
— LDC-organized Leadership Development Retreat: ± 8 hours (over 2 days) 1 time per year.
— Elected-Leadership Retreats: ±14 hours per year.
— Attendance at congregational business meetings: ± 1 hour per meeting.


In addition to the above responsibilities, the Co-chairs:
— Prepare agenda for and preside at LDC meetings.
— Develop, submit, and manage LDC budget.
— Submit annual report to Vice-President of the Board prior to its spring business meeting.
— Work closely with President and Vice-President of the Board, the Minister, Member Engagement Council, and Fellowship committee chairs to implement a leadership development process for the Fellowship.