“As we recover from the most devastating fires in Colorado’s history, we need each other more than ever. This Fellowship continues to be a hub of love and justice.  We are here to care for you, and offer you opportunities to care for others, within and outside of our Fellowship. Together, we make the world a better place.” ~ Rev. Lydia

We are a generous people.

Each year, your ongoing generosity keeps the Fellowship financially strong and vibrant. With everyone’s support, we will continue to be a beloved community for so many, especially in this time of great need. All pledges make a difference, no matter their size. A steward will be contacting you soon to set a time to meet online or face to face, if Covid protocols allow. Please welcome this opportunity to strengthen your connection to the Fellowship.

As of Friday, April 15, we have received 184 pledges for a total of $439,819 pledged. We need to receive your pledge today.

A list of helpful links and resources can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to talk with a steward, or if you have questions or need help, please email Thank you for supporting the Fellowship!

Helpful links and resources for pledging:

Pledge Form to print and mail Please mail to 1241 Ceres Drive, Lafayette, CO 80026

Easter Ask Pledge Card to Print and Mail Please mail to 1241 Ceres Drive, Lafayette, CO 80026

Pledge Brochure (in PDF format)

How We Nurture, Deepen, and Connect

Creative Ways of Giving

UUA Fair Share Giving

How Much Should You Pledge

Bank Authorization Form