Author: Carol Pranschke

Making Purchases for the Fellowship

Thanks to Deborah Mensch for asking, Who authorizes reimbursement forms and expenditures out of a committee budget?

Deborah, committee chairpersons are authorized to sign off so that the purchaser can get reimbursed. Of course, purchasers should be working at the request of the committee chair to … read more.

Add to the Office FAQ!

This week, I have a simple request. Let me hear from you at, and let me know what office and facility questions you have that I can answer in this blog. What have you always wondered about? I want to make sure this blog … read more.

Get Your Sliders Here – On the Home Page!

The Home Page of the Fellowship website has sliders on it – not those burgers slathered in onion and cheese that are delicious and high calorie – but photographs that “slide” from one to the next in a continuous rotation.

Useful for engaging visitors and members … read more.

September Board Report, from Wynn Montgomery

At its September 13 meeting, your Board filled the three remaining elected positions (on the Committee on Shared Ministries and Leadership Development Committee); discussed the continuing and growing prairie dog invasion and asked the Grounds Committee for a detailed analysis of options; and began consideration … read more.

The State of the Union – for the Office!

Beautiful Friends, Good News! We have two interviews scheduled for Monday with skilled applicants for the Office Assistant position. Board Treasurer Joan Mulcahy and I will conduct the interviews; Capital Treasurer Diana Forrest may join us. I am looking forward to Monday and hope that the good … read more.