Author: Jessica

Lift & Lighten

I am often inspired by my husband, Joe, who told me of a thought that came to him on a bike ride the other day. He plans to send this sentiment to his nephew soon to be married.

“Lift and Lighten” – that’s it, … read more.

What do you create?


Imagine the joy of a young child who discovers that they can use their own powers to create something that was never in the world before. Imagine that you never lost that wonder and joy in your own power to shape the world.

What do … read more.

Emerging through times of transition

The way I understand the process of what a chrysalis goes through before the emergence of a butterfly is a gooey mess. I feel a little “messy” during times of change, and as I think about this process I want to … read more.

The Practice and Gift of Dana

Today I offer the gift of words. The following message is from Dana Samani, past member of the School of the Spirit Council, who has generously offered a story on the practice of Dana.

The Council has been wondering and talking for some time about … read more.

Safety as Ministry


I recently finished up a course on Safer Congregations for religious professionals, and I came away with the idea of safety as ministry. I learned that a culture of safety within a congregation is a shift that ensures a safer congregation and community. Having policies … read more.

Here We Go!

Welcome 2018 and all the excitement that goes along with a new year and what feels like a new adventure. There is much to warrant our attention so hold on and let’s get intentional about this vibrant community.

Firstly, I’ll say a BIG thank you … read more.

Waiting with Hope

I was gifted a beautiful book of poetry and photographs and recently came across this poem entitled Unannouced Angel – by Myra Dutton & Trish Tuley, Healing Ground: A Visionary Union of Earth and Spirit


There is nothing left of me.

Grief, hidden in the darkness,

shakes one … read more.

FAQ about Interim Time for BVUUF

“We shape clay into a pot, but it is the  emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

The visual of the empty space of a pot is a beautiful metaphor for the space in interim work. It is in that space … read more.

Courageous Love

On my way into the Fellowship early Sunday morning I had a “going-to-church-experience.” As a person who works in a congregation I don’t often get to attend a service, so I recognize and relish these moments that I call spirit-filled experiences.

It started when I turned … read more.