Author: Rev Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry

COVID Prayers

April 29, 2020


Since my writing last week, Boulder County made the decision to extend “Stay at Home” until May 9th. Staying at home has definitely flattened the curve in Colorado. Thanks to everyone who has sacrificed to prevent the spread of this virus.  

The … read more.

Safer at Home

April 22, 2020


Starting next week, some of our restrictions in Colorado will be lifted, as we move from a “Stay at Home” order to the  “Safer at Home”.  Click here and here for details.   Please note that the very first directive for … read more.

Our New Normal

April 15, 2020

Dear Ones,

By now we may be adjusting to a ‘new normal,’ as we enter into the fifth week of physical distancing. We are, by necessity, learning how to stay connected, and even build deeper connections, while we remain physically distant from one another. … read more.

A new way of being

April 8, 2020


This week’s message comes to you on the first day of the Jewish holiday of  Passover and during the Christian Holy Week. In both traditions, it is a time of looking suffering squarely in the eye, and reaping lessons from life’s hardest moments. … read more.

COVID-19 and our Fellowship

March 12, 2020


With deep sadness, I write to say that our present public health emergency necessitates that we suspend all in-person gatherings connected to the Fellowship until further notice. And that means everything — Sunday services, and things like Auction events, covenant groups, and meetings.  

We … read more.

Coronavirus and the Congregation

March 7, 2020

In Connections Weekly on Friday, March 6, 2020:

Staff and leaders are planning for the possibility that the coronavirus will be confirmed in Colorado at some point. We ask that people stay home if they feel sick. We’ll switch to ‘touching elbows’ instead of … read more.

Open Up the Doors

Open up the doors . . .

Open up all that you are

Heighten and deepen your connections to the world around you

Broaden your definition of neighbor

Grow into the largest target for grace that you can muster

And pray to become a gateway for even greater love … read more.