Author: Doug Schmidt

Treasurer’s Update for January

January and the New Year are well underway – a time of making resolutions.  One resolution that individuals and families often make is to make a will or update an existing will during the coming year. If that is a task on your plate, you … read more.

Treasurer’s Update for December 2017 – Correction

Committee Chairs will receive forms to complete their budget request via email in early January (not December as stated in my December blog post). Please enjoy the holiday break.

Peace to all this holiday season,
Joan Mulcahy,

Treasurer’s Update for December 2017

As we approach calendar year-end as well as the midpoint of the fiscal year, the Fellowship’s finances continue to follow the same monthly pattern established in recent years. That is, starting with a large surplus due to early payment of pledges followed with two months … read more.

Treasurer’s Update For November 2017

Since the Congregational Meeting on November 12, there have been a number of questions from members on how to make a QCD to the Capital Campaign using an RMD from an IRA. This alphabet soup really can be deciphered, so let’s start with defining the … read more.