A team of Fellowship volunteers prepares and serves dinner once a month at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

It’s a direct way to interact with and help people in need. Once you’ve done it, you’ll want to come back.

COVID-19 Notice: With the onset of COVID-19, all group volunteer activities at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless were suspended for safety reasons. It may be quite some time before BVUUF group volunteering can resume as it was before.

The Shelter, of course, is still seeking help, especially now. If you’d like to volunteer as an individual and you’re not in a vulnerable demographic, please contact Juan Avila, Shelter Volunteer Program Manager (juan@bouldershelter.org, 303-327-7120). As Juan recently stated, “We are still looking for individuals who are interested in coming in for Tuesday and Thursday shifts. Currently each shift is comprised of only three individuals, meaning we have very limited space. If this is of interest to you or you would like more information, please reach out.” Learn more.

We serve a meal to 160 individuals at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless on the third Wednesday of each month from 5:15 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. The Shelter is located at 4869 N. Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304.

Here’s How It Works

Seven volunteers are needed for each dinner service. The day’s menu is created and the main dish is prepared in advance by the Shelter’s kitchen manager. Starting at 5:15 p.m., our job is to prepare the side dishes and get everything ready to go by 6:15 p.m. Then we serve the food in a cafeteria line to 160 people until 7:15 p.m. We also run the dishwasher and clean up after the meal service.

Please bring an apron and wear comfortable (not open-toe) shoes. The kitchen can be hot, so wear cooler clothes. It’s also a good idea to have a snack and water before you come. Only minimal kitchen skills are needed.

The Shelter is located at 4869 N. Broadway in Boulder at the north edge of town. When you arrive, you should enter at the door by the back parking lot, then sign in and go to the kitchen.

You’ll receive reminder emails and instructions in advance of the dinner service. Learn more about Volunteer and Kitchen Guidelines.

Register at the Shelter (for new volunteers)

If you’ve never volunteered at the Shelter, the first step is to complete the Volunteer Application at the Shelter’s website. It’s a one-time, 2-minute task. Select a group affiliation of Boulder Valley Unitarian Fellowship. Each person volunteering should separately register.

This process simply adds you to the Shelter’s volunteer database. It doesn’t commit you to work at the Shelter. The Shelter will only allow registered volunteers to enter the building.

Sign Up for a Dinner Service

We need seven volunteers each month. There are three ways to sign up:

  1. You can use the paper sign-up sheets posted at BVUUF in the RE hallway. Note that because of building construction, this option is not currently available.
  2. You can sign up online at the Boulder Shelter website. Just go to the website and click Volunteer Login in the upper right. Then login using the name and password you established when you first registered at the Shelter. You’ll see Help Wanted flags where volunteer help is needed.
  3. If you don’t want to bother with online sign up or have never volunteered before, just email, text or call Richard Davis (rad@radishsystems.com, 720-394-0088), with your name and desired month. He’ll handle the rest.

Volunteering at the Shelter is a positive and rewarding experience. It’s one of those fundamental truths that when you give in this way, you receive back so much more.