Multi-Year Commitment: Donors may support the campaign with a three-year commitment, which will enable larger investments with payments stretched over 2018 to 2021.    

Appreciated Stock: Appreciated stock (held more than one year) makes an excellent way to maximize charitable contributions. Because of capital gains, the donor receives a greater benefit by transferring the appreciated stock directly to the Fellowship. Please communicate with the office before initiating a gift of stock.

IRA: Donors who have individual retirement accounts and have reached the age of 70.5 may make gifts directly from their IRAs to the Fellowship as part of their distribution each year. The donor may receive additional tax advantages.   

Cash Gift: Many donors choose to make annual, quarterly, or monthly payments to fund their pledge. You can have monthly payments withdrawn automatically from your checking account.

Donor Advised Trusts: Families who have created donor-advised trusts may recommend gifts to the Fellowship. As the assets are no longer held by the donor, there is no tax deduction for the gift.

Other Items:  Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship can accept donations of cars and bitcoins.  

Donors are advised to consult their legal or financial advisor as they plan their gifts. Counsel can help you make the largest possible gift to the Fellowship at the least net expense.

Please contact the office if you need assistance with any donation.