The Board of Officers and Trustees for the Fellowship is comprised of four officers and three trustees. Trustees are elected by the Fellowship to a three-year term. Officers are elected to one-year terms. Elections are held in May and terms begin and end in July, allowing for some overlap between departing and new officers and trustees.

The Board of Officers and Trustees oversees committees and administration.

The auction committee organizes the annual fundraising auction for the Fellowship. After lying dormant much of the year, the committee suddenly springs into action (generally in the fall) to implement the auction. While the auction serves as a major source of fun and camaraderie, it contributes to the funds needed to run the Fellowship.

Bed and Breakfast

Some members of the Fellowship community host bed and breakfasts in their homes and donate the proceeds to the Fellowship. This program offers a wonderful way to connect with Unitarian Universalists when traveling.

The Building Committee ensures the proper planning, maintenance, and repairs for the BVUUF building. Other duties include inspecting the drainage systems, heating/cooling, ventilation, trash collection, plumbing, and appliance repair. The committee also hires and contracts businesses to carry out repair requirements.
The Communications Committee provides guidance, oversight, and tools for timely and effective communications within the Fellowship and to the wider community. They assure that any written, spoken, or visual information that the Fellowship distributes is clear, informative, and consistent.

The committee, which meets monthly, advises all other Fellowship committees, the board and staff about how best to communicate, leading us in the use of rich and constructive methods of communications. The committee keeps the Fellowship aware of and members and friends trained in new methods of communication including Google and Facebook.

Reaching out to the broader community in Boulder and Broomfield counties, the Communications Committee focuses on relating our UU message and attracting new visitors and members to our services and events. Methods for this include sending out press releases and working with editors of print and online media to get them carried; advertising campaigns; and using Facebook and other social media effectively.

The Treasurer, Canvass Chair, Investment/Planned Giving Committee Chair, and others involved in money matters constitute the Finance Planning Committee, which coordinates the Fellowship’s financial activities. They also discuss trends and recommend program or staff changes that affect Fellowship income and expense.

Each January, all Fellowship committee chairs and the congregation in general are asked to submit budget requests for the fiscal year to begin the following July. The Finance Committee proposes a preliminary budget to the Board in February. Following Board modifications and approval, the preliminary budget is presented to a Congregational meeting for a vote in February. This budget then provides the goals for the Canvass in March. A final budget, based on the canvass results and any necessary adjustments, is approved by the congregation at the annual meeting in May.

The Grounds Committee is charged with planning and carrying out all tasks related to maintaining and improving the grounds of the Fellowship. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Arranging for mowing and trimming of native grass and turf areas
  • Maintenance of trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Fertilizing, weeding, and irrigating the grounds
  • Arranging for seasonal inspection of sprinkler system and any necessary repair
  • Spring and Fall clean up
  • Snow removal from parking lots and sidewalks
  • Planning
  • Short term grounds improvement (projects that take 6 months or less to complete)
  • Long term grounds improvement (projects that take more than 6 months to complete)

Members: If you have an idea for grounds improvement projects that you would like the Grounds Committee to consider, you are encouraged to submit a Landscaping/Grounds request to our Grounds Chair. To do so, download the form to your computer in PDF or Word format. Fill in the form, save it, and either place a printed copy in the Grounds Committee’s mail box at the Fellowship or send it as an e-mail attachment to our Office Manager at

Landscaping/Grounds request forms: Word | PDF

The Grounds Committee meets once a month, or as needed, to discuss plans to fulfill the committee’s responsibilities. Any and all members of the Fellowship are welcome to attend.

In addition, we will regularly schedule Grounds Work Parties, usually on a Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon, when members and friends of the Fellowship are invited to help do the manual labor that is necessary to meet our short term and long term goals. Watch for more information about Grounds Work Parties in the newsletter, in Order of Service programs, and on the BVUUF email groups.

If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator.

Grounds Policies

UUF Grounds Policies
Revision 0, September 13, 2004

Offers of Donated Play Structures
We are unable to accept play structures from private homes, as they do not meet the standards that are set for institutional playgrounds. Not following these standards could result in liability issues for the Fellowship.

Offers of Donated Plant Material, Including Trees, Bushes, and Flowers
Until we have a long term plan developed for the landscaping of the Fellowship grounds, we are unable to accept donated plant material. However, if potential donors would like to keep the Grounds committee apprised of plant material that they would like to donate, we’ll store that information for future used.

Weed Barrier
When mulching with organic material (chips, bark, etc.), 2”- 4”, we will use dampened newspaper as the weed barrier. When using rock mulch, we will use a high quality synthetic weed barrier or plastic.

Use of Herbicides
We will use herbicides sparingly, and only when necessary. The treated area will be posted so that passersby are aware of their use.

Lawn Maintenance
We will hire a firm to mow and trim the lawn next summer. David will solicit three bids from firms so that the committee can choose one. The remaining tasks needed to maintain the grounds will be performed by volunteers from the Fellowship.

Weeds in the Back Lot
These will be cut, when necessary, by an outside firm.

Sprinkler System
We will begin to use the sprinkler system in the spring of 2005.

Snow Removal
We already have a two-year contract for snow removal.

Half Plate

The Fellowship is a generous community. Along with sharing talent and time, attendees at Sunday services donate to a collection that is shared with a different nonprofit organization each week. The Half Plate Committee helps organize which organization is the recipient each week.

The Personnel Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board and the Minister, as requested. The committee provides advice and recommendations to employees with supervisory responsibility regarding all personnel matters for all employees with the exception of the Minister. The committee implements Board-approved personnel management and administrative activities and ensures that all personnel-related information needs of Fellowship members and staff are met.
Planned Giving
Planned Giving Committee committee oversees and guides the Fellowship’s major investments in a prudent, profitable manner. Specific attention is given to socially responsible investing. The committee assists members and friends to make long-term or deferred gifts to the Fellowship, in the form of charitable gift annuities, bequests, or similar instruments.
The Stewardship Chair position is filled by an annual appointment by the Nominating Committee. The same person may continue for multiple years in the role, or the Nominating Committee may appoint someone with experience as a co-chair. The Chair recruits the Stewardship Council.

Stewardship Council Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that Captains recruit canvassers
  • Ensure that brochure and pledge cards are printed
  • Sort members, friends, and former pledgers into canvass
  • Provide packets and training for canvassers
  • Ensure that the canvass is accomplished within deadlines
  • Assist captains with difficult-to-reach Fellowship members and friends
  • Mail letters to mail list plus difficult-to-reach individuals
  • Report canvass status and projection to Finance Committee in early May
  • Distribute confirmation memos for received pledges
Sound System

The Sound Team, also known as Audio/Visual or AV, help attendees at Sunday services and other events to have an enjoyable experience, providing excellent sound and visuals.