Are you considering becoming a member of our Fellowship?

If so, we encourage you to regularly attend Sunday services and participate in our congregational activities. We also invite you to attend a “Chat with the Minister” which is held once each month after the final service on a Sunday morning. In the few months a minister is not available for a “Chat”, please attend a “New to UU” session hosted by the Member Engagement Council. Discussion topics will include the history and principles of Unitarian Universalism, this Fellowship’s history, and there will be time to get answers to your questions. The volunteers at our Welcome Table also have brochures and information which you can take home to read at your leisure.

Three times a year, the Member Engagement Council hosts Path to Membership sessions. In addition to the online sign-up form, you may sign up at the Welcome Table in the foyer where there are volunteers to answer any questions. Child care is provided at no cost to attendees for these sessions. Path to Membership gatherings are held on a Saturday morning. Ministers and lay leaders offer the attendees activities to explore their personal spiritual journeys, as well as discussion about UU principles, expectations of members, and the culture of our congregation. At the end of the Path to Membership session, attendees can make a decision about joining. No one is obligated to join at that moment; some people join immediately while others continue to attend activities and decide to become a member months later – or not at all. Path to Membership is a way to gather more information. We hope you will find here a community which inspires you to help build a more just and compassionate world.

If you are interested in learning more about us or would like to have someone contact you regarding membership, please email the Fellowship office. We will be happy to talk with you.


Next Path to Membership Class:  September 22

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