Courageous Love

On my way into the Fellowship early Sunday morning I had a “going-to-church-experience.” As a person who works in a congregation I don’t often get to attend a service, so I recognize and relish these moments that I call spirit-filled experiences.

It started when I turned on the radio, XM to be exact, which has the advantage of me being able to listen to just about any genre of music or theme on talk radio.

Let me preface the next part by telling you we have a saying in my household, “when all else fails, play Dead,” and since I was feeling a little low in spirit that morning, I decided to do just that. Channel 23, the Grateful Dead station, happened to be playing a favorite song of mine – Touch of Grey (and if you ever wondered what my car license plate says….)  and it was exactly what I needed to hear…loudly. So I turned it up and sang, and my spirit was lifted. Partly because music has a tendency to do that for me, and the words, I will get by spoke to me in that moment.

And then they did it again. The next song was Good Lovin’, a cover the Grateful Dead added to their set list in 1969. This song most likely refers to a romantic type of lovin’, but in that moment all I heard was: All you really need is good love.

Someone recently asked me the question, What is the one thing you need in order to be courageous? The answer – Fear. In these days of uncertainty I find myself being fearful, afraid and worried of what might be. Our theme of courage seems fitting for this time. And I can be grateful for the moments that come, whether through the radio or from the person who let me into the flow of traffic on the highway; I will get by, and courageous love will see me through. WE will get by. May it be so.

With Courageous Love,

De Anna

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