Here We Go!

Welcome 2018 and all the excitement that goes along with a new year and what feels like a new adventure. There is much to warrant our attention so hold on and let’s get intentional about this vibrant community.

Firstly, I’ll say a BIG thank you to all of you for taking part in the growth and vitality of this congregation. The leaders, volunteers, participants and staff have given a great deal of energy to keep the train on the tracks. From clearing out the barn to holding meetings, decorating the halls and sharing in the joy of being together on Sunday mornings – it all comes together and I am grateful for this community.

I’d like to share a few updates to the intentional interim time as we begin this new year. A Search/Transition Team are now at work ready to put into action some tasks of interim work.

Thanks to Metz Metzroth, Gwen Murphy, Sarah Kowalchuk, Laura McCollom, Dave Leonard, Christiane Olivo for serving on this team.

The Team’s first task was to determine a timeline for the interim period and the Board approved the recommendation that one additional year of interim work would be prudent. The transition for the exciting start of the Capital Campaign and renovation process will hold our attention, along with imagining what the School of the Spirit’s next director will encompass.

There will be many opportunities to share and express your thoughts and desires as we embark on this adventure. Through cottage meetings, surveys and conversation, you can help build the future in new ways.

The School of the Spirit Council is continuing to streamline it’s processes and build a strong foundation to its structure. A review of the safety policy and childcare stability will be on the agenda in the next couple months as well. We are interested in including others for tasks as they arise, and would like to talk more with you if you have interest in working on smaller projects. Join us on this incredible journey!

Christmas Eve no-rehearsal pageant 2017 – Beautiful Chaos


~ De Anna Hoyle, Interim Director of School of the Spirit