On May 31 we had our first Sunday service since Zoom’s deadline to upgrade their software to version 5.0. Zoom required this upgrade because the new version fixes several previous security problems with Zoom.

Some people could not access the Sunday-service Zoom because they had not yet upgraded. They were very sad to miss our Music Service! We tried to help as best we could, but our tech-support resources were stretched past their limits.

Our next big congregational event on Zoom is our congregational meeting this Saturday, June 6, at 10:00 a.m. We want everyone to be able to attend, so please, take action now, not Saturday, to be sure your Zoom software is up to date!

How can I tell if my Zoom software is up to date?
Try one of these methods:
If you use Zoom on a smart phone, go to Google Play or the App Store for “Zoom Cloud Meetings” and see if there’s an upgrade available.
On a computer, start up the Zoom application.
Check near the bottom of the box that pops up on your screen. If it says “Version: 5.0.something,” you are in good shape. If it’s 4.something, then you need to upgrade.
If you see a message prompting you to upgrade, follow its instructions. If you don’t see a version number or an upgrade message, try the next idea below.
On a computer, join a Zoom meeting — any meeting you have a link for (the BVUUF web site has several Zoom links for Fellowship events).
If you can’t get in and you see a message prompting you to upgrade, follow its instructions.
If you do get in, mouse around, look for a green shield symbol near the upper left of the Zoom window, and click it. A settings box should open, and near the bottom of it, you should see a version number. If it is 5.0.something, you’re in good shape. If it’s 4.something, you need to upgrade.

My Zoom needs upgrading. How do I do that?
On a phone:
Search the App Store [iPhone] or Google Play [Android] for “Zoom Cloud Meetings” and update the latest version.
On a computer:
Go to https://zoom.us/
Click the “Resources” menu near the upper right.
Choose “Download Zoom Client” from that menu.
Click the Download button under “Zoom Client for Meetings.”
When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file and follow instructions for installation.

I’m still having trouble. How can I get help?

We have some volunteers you can text or call for help. Please reach out before Saturday. There are likely to be enough problems of other kinds to keep our tech-support volunteers busy on Saturday, and we want everyone to get the help they need.
If you are using a Mac or an iPhone, try Janet Meyer at 303-525-5247 or Scott Youmans at 401-965-5353.
If you are using a Windows computer or Android phone, try Scott Youmans at 401-965-5353, or if you are calling on or before Friday, try Deborah Mensch at 303-442-2423.

Scott and Janet are also your on-call tech support people during the congregational meeting on Saturday. Deborah will have other jobs during that time.

Thanks for helping us make our many Zoom activities accessible to you!

-Deborah Mensch, for the Tech Usher/AV Team