Jan. 31, 2016 School of the Spirit Update

For the theme of  Resistance: Take Apart Party! Electronics, keyboards, old cassette and VCR tapes, adding machines, calculators needed to be dissected ( and not put back together!).


Old electronics needed for dissection!
Old electronics needed for dissection!

9 and 11 a.m. K-up: 

  • Take Apart Party – what is inside those VCR tapes, a TV, a CD player? Will it resist opening? A few more adults needed to help unscrew and dissect things.
  • Don’t forget we take a Children’s Offering for the same recipient as the grown-ups in the Sanctuary. The kids love counting the total they are giving.
  • Nursery/Preschool –  Miss Ari, early childhood teacher, will be making tinfoil sculptures.

School of the Spirit for Adults (and youth!):

Read about all upcoming adult classes  online.


  • Fifth Grade OWL leaders needed for 8 Sundays in Mar/April/May at 9:00 a.m. Training will be on a Saturday in Mar. Let Katie know if you are interested.
  •  Upcoming in SpiritJam:
    • Feb 7 – Enso Circles and Skitjam
    • Feb 14 – “Courageous Love” Service
    • Feb 21 – FireJam! – Outside in the fire circle; Social hour with smores and cider for all ages
    • Feb 28 – Wabi sabi mugs and life collages


Fire Supervisors (Feb. 21)
Firewood and tinder (Feb. 21)
Cracked, chipped mugs (Feb. 28)
Old magazines for collages (Feb. 28)

Yay! There were 7 youth at the Fri. Night High School Social Night, combining UU Church of Boulder and Boulder Valley UU Fellowship! If you’d like to come to the next one on Friday, Feb. 21, let Rachel Stevenson know.

Your School of the Spirit Staff:

  • Rachel StevensonYouth Coordinator, youthcoordinator@bvuuf.org 
  • Ari Flauta, Early Childhood Teacher, missariflauta@gmail.com
  • Spenser RaymondSpiritJam Teacher, spiritjam@bvuuf.org 
  • Katie CoveyDirector of the School of the Spirit, dirrectorre@bvuuf.org