July Minister’s Musings

“Wish you were here…”
By: Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry

I find myself writing my Connections articles from Phoenix this month. As the Vice President of UU Ministers Association (UUMA) these last two days have been a whirlwind of activity and responsibility—including coordinating a worship service and panel discussion, and leading a workshop on congregationally-based community organizing. Most challenging, for me, perhaps, is being time-keeper for our UUMA Annual Meeting, given how time-challenged I can be!

Once again, I’m already full of wonderful ideas and grand thoughts after only a couple of days with my colleagues, and I’ve barely made it into GA. General Assembly—or GA—is a national annual meeting of Unitarian Universalists. It’s big, it’s enlivening, it’s challenging, it’s fulfilling. Imagine hundreds of workshops on things ranging from social justice to music. Imagine the energy of worship services with 4,000 UU’s in attendance. Imagine us all in our “Standing on the Side of Love” T-shirts doing social witness wherever we are.

Each year, as I fill up on UU goodies in theology, community, worship and service, I wish more of you were here to share the experience with me. So many people find it a life-changing experience.

Tell me, what would you need to give GA a try? Have you not heard about it? Do you need more information? Is it too expensive? A bit too overwhelming to imagine going on your own? I’d love to know what keeps you from coming, so we can share these grand experiences together.

Wishing for a wonderful summer for you all,

Rev. Lydia