Why you should be involved in immigrant issues at this crucial time!

 For many years the members of the Fellowship, in particular the  Immigration Justice Task Force, have been concerned about the unjust and inhumane treatment of  immigrant families.   Parents have been separated from their children who have been forced to sleep in cages, and who have been deprived of adequate nutrition, hygiene, and emotional support.   Adult immigrants, whether  documented or not, perform essential services for much less than a living wage and are  now exposed to the COVID virus — either in the workforce or while incarcerated.  These  immigrants have paid taxes for decades and are not entitled to any federal government relief.  This brief summary barely “scratches the surface” when describing the inhumane treatment to which the immigrant community has been subjected and is the rationale for the activities of the Immigration Justice Task Force. 

The Immigration Justice Task Force supports the immigrant community in several meaningful ways, including our association with groups (Together Colorado, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Metro Denver, and Boulder Valley Sanctuary Coalitions) that advocate for immigrant justice. We are continually called on to participate in actions which support our immigrant neighbors.

Some of these actions include attending vigils with other community and religious groups when immigrants appear in court or at ICE offices; contacting legislators to advocate for laws that advance immigrants’ safety and rights through emails, letter writing, attending legislative committee meetings and/or press conferences; providing educational forums for both immigrants and their allies; and volunteering to document ICE raids and support those affected by such raids.

Several members of the Task Force and others in the Fellowship volunteer at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder to support Ingrid who, along with her three children, is living in sanctuary.  Some volunteer jobs include door monitoring, childcare, grocery shopping and laundry.  Volunteer needs have changed due to COVID19. Please contact one of the people listed below if you wish to volunteer.

One of our members is the lead organizer for supporting Ingrid’s efforts to resolve her complicated  immigration case.We also support Ingrid’s fund raising activities such as selling burritos and tamales, and selling items from Peru.  Another way we have supported Ingrid is through our advocacy of the No Mas Chuecos program which Ingrid developed to inform people about the dire consequences of identity theft and alternate ways to obtain legal ID’s. 

Contact immigrationjustice@bvuuf.org for further information and opportunities to participate.