Leadership Development Committee

Purpose & Mission

The purposes of the Leadership Development Committee are:

  1. To help develop the leadership capabilities within the Fellowship,

    1. To help the members and friends of the Fellowship identify and bring their interests, passions, and skills to the Congregation and greater community,

  2. To ascertain the leadership needs of the Fellowship,

  3. To help match the capabilities with the needs, and

  4. To present, in consultation with the Board President and Minister, and as appropriate with the incoming Board President, to the Board of Officers and Trustees each year a slate of Officers and Trustees, members of the Committee on Shared Ministry, and members of the Leadership Development Committee (and Search Committee and other leadership roles as determined by the Board) for the following year and presented to the Congregation at the Annual Meeting

The Committee, in concert with other Fellowship committees, councils, and task forces maintains an inventory of member skills, interests, and passions, tracks current openings and needs, and suggests matches between the two.

The mission of the Committee is to help develop congregational leadership through the identification and recruitment of candidates who are representative of the congregation as a whole and who offer the possibility of service to the Fellowship in the future.


The responsibilities of the Leadership Development Committee are to:

  1. In coordination with other Fellowship committees, create and maintain a skills inventory of our Members and Friends

  2. Develop and offer training to the congregational leaders and emerging leaders

  3. Obtain information from the Board President of elected vacancies for the following year, and from committee chairs of key leadership vacancies in the Fellowship

  4. Inform members of the Fellowship of the open positions and ways of making suggestions of candidates to the Leadership Development Committee.

  5. Working with the Board, the Minister, and Committee Chairs, screen possible candidates for each position

  6. Present to the Board of Officers and Trustees by the April Board meeting a slate of candidates for elected positions which will be vacant the following fiscal year.

  7. Recommend to the Board each year, at an appropriate time, possible candidates for UUA-sponsored Leadership School.

  8. Develop, submit and manage the committee budget consistent with Board policies.

  9. Submit an annual report to the Vice-President of the Board prior to the spring business meeting.

Coordinating Relationships

The Leadership Development Committee will work closely with the President and Vice-President of the

Board, the Minister, the Membership Engagement Council, and Fellowship committee chairs to implement a leadership development process for the Fellowship.

Leadership Development Committee Members
Rosemary Arp
Hannah Grosser
Judy Hollerman
Larry LaVerdure
Gail Evertz
Chris Rathweg
Tonya Fish
Sheri Price

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