November Intern Interludes

By: Ministerial Intern, Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan

Two months into my work with BVUUF, I can say that I have met many of you, been to many different meetings both at BVUUF and with collaborative partners outside BVUUF, planned trainings and retreats, led and assisted in worship, and begun planning for many more events and gatherings at BVUUF. My family has also been at the Fellowship, in worship and in the Religious Education programs, and we are constantly amazed by the friendliness of BVUUF and the wider community as well. Many thanks to all of you for the lovely welcome we have received, and especially to those special folks who brought us meals, helped unload vehicles when we were moving in, and brought children to play with us when we needed new playmates and distractions!

As Lydia begins her sabbatical, please know that my door is open. I have listed my hours in the church calendar; please contact me via e-mail or voice-mail if you would like to set up some time to visit with me at the Fellowship. Pastoral care visits and needs will be referred to me during this time, and I will be in the pulpit most Sundays either leading or assisting. I hope to meet many of you and learn about your relationships with and within BVUUF and your perspectives on what makes this community work well together. I will be working with a secondary supervisor, Rev. Penny Rather, and the BVUUF Internship Committee during this time. Your feedback is also important to me, and I hope you will share your observations, experiences, and insights with me while I am learning and growing at BVUUF. I have a box in the mailroom also, so you can leave me a note as well. I plan to take my Sabbath on Mondays, as Lydia has, and one Sunday a month as well.

I started a blog with this internship, which can be found on our Facebook site as well as directly at I post about once a week related to insights and ideas that come from my work at BVUUF. My learning goals are: to further discern my call to Unitarian Universalist ministry and deepen my formation as a ministerial candidate; to observe the dynamic between ministry as a role of an individual versus an endeavor of a community; and to explore my role as a minister engaging in social justice work as a path in Unitarian Universalist ministry. My special interest, which I hope will connect with all of the work I do with you and in my more personal formation, is to find ways to engage practices that allow for reflection and renewal in addition to response and action. I find that making space to breathe, reflect, and feel allows our work to deepen and connect in ways that more “doing” doesn’t often allow. This is countercultural both in the larger culture as well as in Unitarian Universalism, and I hope we will find ourselves enriching the “soil” we are planting ourselves in by shifting in these ways.