November Minister’s Musings

With Gratitude and Anticipation (October 17, 2012)
By: Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry

As each day takes me closer to the November 1st start of my sabbatical, I’m filled with increased gratitude and anticipation of the months that lie ahead for me and for you. I’m imagining myself heading into an expanse of open space that is at once anxiety-producing and exciting. Mostly, I’m remaining curious about what will come up for me when I put down my never-ending to-do list and quiet myself with embodied spiritual practices. The craving to slow down the pace for me and my family gets stronger every day, and I’m finding myself crossing off options to do things in favor of unstructured time to just be. This is quite NEW for me! Can’t wait to see what comes of it! For some of you, I know, this time with me away will mean more, not less. And I am grateful to all of you who have stepped up in various ways to support the Fellowship during this time. My hope for you is that your increased responsibility and engagement will ultimately be enlivening for you—that you will not only feel good about supporting the Fellowship, but also find this experience one of personal growth and learning as well. I look forward to learning about your experience when I return. And for all of you, I anticipate new learnings about what it means to be a religious community.

I want to especially thank the staff, particularly Katie Covey and Carol Pranschke, who will take on extra work, and Sarah, our intern, who signed on for a more rigorous internship under these conditions. And a shout out to Rev. Penny Rather, who is going to be supervising Sarah during my absence.

There has been such sweetness in the congregation throughout the month of October, making it somewhat bittersweet to leave, even if it’s only for five months. Please know that I will miss you, and that you will all be in my prayers.

With gratitude and anticipation,

Rev. Lydia