Lisa Moore

I moved from Illinois to Colorado in 1986 to finish college and stayed. Found UU when my daughter (Tala) was a baby (she just turned 24) and I was looking for a religious/spiritual community to raise her in. Got involved in my home congregation (First Unitarian Society of Denver) and eventually started paying attention to my lifelong call to ministry and started seminary part-time at Meadville Lombard Theology School, where I’m currently starting my third of five years. When my nose isn’t in a book or working on a paper, I enjoy hiking, road biking, weight lifting, and walking and playing with my dog, Sonja. Since COVID, I’ve been enjoying playing Pokémon GO with Tala and some of my school cohort. My partner, Patrick, and I celebrated ten years of togetherness last February. She/her are my pronouns, and I’ll respond to just about anything said in kindness.