Speaker: Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry

No Rehearsal Christmas Eve Pageant

The Christmas story comes to life in our popular No Rehearsal Christmas Eve Pageant at 3 and 5 p.m.!  Narrators tell the story, and everyone is welcome to join in.  People of all ages are invited to be a star, a shepherd, a barn animal or a king. Costumes provided! We end with singing Silent Night by candlelight.

Making Sense of Mystery

Mystery abounds, whether in the natural world, or in indescribable qualities and moments of life such as love, resiliency, and transcendent experiences. Today we explore the variety of perspectives on how we ‘make sense of mystery’, accompanied by the music of Tad Koriath, on this “Classical Music Sunday.”

Memory Loss: Living, Learning and Letting Go

“Alzheimer’s disease has been described as “the great unlearning.” In a society that so greatly values the intellect and the collection of memories, cognitive degeneration can feel like a devastating diminishment. But like all challenges, there are spiritual lessons among the fragments of loss. Today we explore the tender terrain of how memory loss impacts individuals and the ones who love them.