Thomas Christopher

Memory Loss: Living, Learning and Letting Go

“Alzheimer’s disease has been described as “the great unlearning.” In a society that so greatly values the intellect and the collection of memories, cognitive degeneration can feel like a devastating diminishment. But like all challenges, there are spiritual lessons among the fragments of loss. Today we explore the tender terrain of how memory loss impacts individuals and the ones who love them.

Driving Toward Vastness

As Unitarian Universalists, we are on a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, and as part of this search we attempt to experience that mystery which renews our spirit and opens us to life. Is there room in our responsible search for this … read more.

Is This World Enough?

Is This World Enough? Thomas Christopher, leader, Scott Youmans, service associate. Humanism denies the existence of a supernatural realm. Humanists get asked: “Why would you be moral? How can you face death? How can you live without hope for something more? And what about God? How can this be a religious position?” These are good questions. How do we affirm that this life in this world is enough?

Rhythm and Dynamic Balance (Sunday of Daylight Savings Time)

We dance it together. We will explore dance as a metaphor for a balanced life. Led by Christiane Olivo and Thomas Christopher.

“Balancing Past and Future”, Christiane Olivo:

“Life is a Dance”, Thomas Christopher: