The Fellowship will continue holding services both in-person and on Zoom during December (except a Zoom-only service on December 26). Please read on to learn how to request reservations to attend in person if you would like to do so.

If you’re already familiar with our reservations process from November, you can get to the December sign-up form by clicking here. If you’d like more background or explanation of our reservations process, read on.

The Board and the COVID-19 Response Team have agreed, for the safety of all, that our Fellowship will maintain a limited indoor seating capacity to allow physical distancing, that masks are required at all times inside the building, and that we expect that all who are able to be vaccinated against the coronavirus do so before attending services in person. They have also established criteria for going back to Zoom services if COVID conditions in Boulder County worsen significantly. 

A Reservations Team has designed an inclusive, equitable process you can use to reserve those limited seats for in-person services. Even as services welcome some congregants in person, all services will remain open to all on Zoom at our usual Sunday service link, which you can always find on the home page. 

If you would like to come to any December Sunday (or Christmas Eve) services in person, please fill out the Google form linked below by November 29.

Here’s how the process for in-person reservations works:

  • If you would like to come to any December Sunday (or Christmas Eve) services in person, please fill out this Google form by November 29 to tell us when you’d like to come, how many people in your household/pod plan to attend together, and how to contact you. Please fill out the form only once for each household/pod.
    • Filling out the form does not guarantee a seat for any particular service. Read on to see how reservations are assigned.
    • If you don’t plan to attend services in person in November, you can stop reading here and watch your email for how to sign up for services in December and beyond. However, please read on if you know someone who would like to attend in person but is unlikely to receive this email.
    • We are also reaching out by phone to a few members who we know don’t use email or who may need help with reservations. If you need help or know someone who does, please contact Anne Bridgins (email with “BVUUF Reservation” in the subject line, or call 970-231-7614).
    • Email about reservations is going out over our Constant Contact email list — the same one we use to deliver Connections Weekly. If you know someone who may not be on that list, please let them know they can sign up for it at Please also send them the link to this web page so they can use it to request their December reservations and know what should happen next.
    • Those who fill out the form after the November 29 deadline will be assigned reservations on a space-available basis.
  • On November 30, the Reservations Team will use a random lottery process to start assigning people to service dates, using the seating capacities the COVID Response Team specifies. Some reservations will be for the Sanctuary, and others will be in overflow seating in the Fellowship Hall, where audio and video from the sanctuary will be played in real time.¬†
    • You’ll have a chance on the Google form to say whether you prefer seating in the Sanctuary, the Fellowship Hall, or either one. Those who are willing to sit in either room may get more reservation dates than others. We will try to make sure everyone has a chance to be in the Sanctuary for some services if they wish, and if there are no-shows for Sanctuary seats, some attendees from the Fellowship Hall will be invited to move into the Sanctuary based on a lottery process.
  • If you have requested seats for a service, you will receive an email by the Wednesday preceding the service, letting you know whether there is space for you that Sunday. If additional seats become available due to cancellations, additional invitations will go out by Friday.
    • The email inviting you to a service may include an RSVP request. Please do so, because if you can’t attend, there are others who would appreciate your seats! You can also edit your responses to the sign-up form to make changes to your seat requests, or you can email to cancel an existing reservation.
  • A few seats at each service will be reserved for newcomers and those with a special pastoral need to be present in person.¬†
    • If you have such a need or know someone who does, please contact Rev. Lydia by emailing with “In-person request” in the subject line, and/or texting or calling her at 720-272-8284.

If you have questions about this process, please contact the Reservations Team ( with “BVUUF reservation question” in the subject line.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon,

The Reservations Team

Scott Youmans, Mary Stackpole, Gwen Murphy, Anne Bridgins, and Deborah Mensch