A Celebration – Child Dedication

The dedication ceremony is a celebration of the blessing of new life, an expression of the parents’ hopes for their child, and a call to the parents and the congregation’s members to lead and nurture the child’s spiritual life as it grows. ¬†Though not a requirement of membership, many families choose to participate in this simple ritual in which their child is recognized –

  • first, as an individual of beauty and worth, with a unique name and identity; and
  • second, as a cherished part of the community, whose members dedicate themselves to the child’s nurture and spiritual, emotional and physical support.

Most Unitarian Universalist congregations have child dedication services for infants, young adopted children, or children whose families have recently joined the congregation. We invite children up to 7th grade to take part. After 7th grade, we encourage children to attend the Coming of Age Program.

Offered twice a year.

At BVUUF, we offer Child Dedications twice a year, during the Christmas Eve Services, and in June. The ceremony occurs at a designated time during our service, and the minister presides over the ceremony.  

If you would like your family to take part in this simple ceremony this Christmastime, sign up at this link or on the School of the Spirit Bulletin Board.

For additional information email Ellen Saunders Duncan, DirectorRE@bvuuf.org, or Rev. Lydia at minister@bvuuf.org.