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“SpiritJam”: Multi-age learning experiences for mind, body, and spirit with staff teachers. Our Jams focus on experiential learning rather than traditional “Sunday school table and chairs,” allowing us to sculpt the teaching to the abilities of our students and permitting children the freedom to utilize all of their senses and energy throughout the learning process.

Example Jams

  • Meditation Jam: Discuss and then practice different types of meditation, from chanting meditation to walking meditation to analytical meditation.
  • Relationship Jam: Explore the relationships we share with ourselves, those we know, and the world by building collage webs of life, hearing stories from those who rediscovered their ancestry, and engaging in team-building.
  • Mask Jam: Explore the concept of “masks” from around the world as we construct masks out of card stock while contrasting stories involving physical masks in the Carnival of Venice to emotional masks worn by slaves in colonial America.

Join us!

SpiritJams are offered at the same 10 a.m. time as the adult services.

We want you and your family to be comfortable while you are with us. Visiting parents may join us for the Jam, or attend the adult service, whatever is best for you and your child(ren).

Our dress is casual, and we go outside and play nearly every Sunday, so don’t feel shy about wearing playclothes!

Our playground is supervised following the services so that parents can socialize during coffee hour, if you wish.

Our aim is to have fun and make friends, as well as share the questions and the issues that children are wondering about.