Volunteer Opportunities in the School of the Spirit 

1.  Teaching Associates in the School of the Spirit: We welcome those for whom teaching is a joy. With paid staff to provide consistency and leadership, teaching associates are able to share their gifts and passions. Here’s how it works –

  • you know a great story for the monthly theme of “Unity” and you tell it in the opening “CircleJam.”
  • Or you are a drummer and join the “Unity” drum circle on a Sunday.
  • Or you love spiders and wish to show children, youth and adults how to find orb weavers on the grounds as part of a NatureJam.
  • Or you wish to join in a ServiceJam when we walk our talk and be “of service” to our community and to the world.

See Ellen Saunders Duncan, Coordinator for the School of the Spirit if you’re interested.

2.  Playground Monitor (10:00am-11:00am)  –  Sign up online or on the School of the Spirit bulletin board. We will evaluate the need for this volunteer role when we are out of our building in the 2018-19 church year.

  • Wear the Playground Monitor name tag so parents can identify you.
  • Parents should let the playground monitors know when they are picking up their child(ren).
  • The Tree! Children who can climb up and down the tree by themselves are invited to do so. Those who can’t make it up and down by themselves are not to climb with assistance unless their parent is supervising. No feet above the painted line on the playground tree trunk.
  • Tots Playground and Nature Playground -“ Children 5 yrs. old and under should play in the Tots Playground. Children older than 5 yrs. should play on the Nature Playground, due to age appropriate elements in each area. Children may visit another area with parental supervision or permission from the teachers or playground monitors.
  • When the playground is not supervised, children play at their own risk.


See Ellen Saunders Duncan, Coordinator for the School of the Spirit for other opportunities. Thanks for helping out!