Sept. 27, 2015 School of the Spirit Weekly Update

For the theme of  Invitation: The Story of John Murray, Tour the Inside, Tour the Outside of our facility, upcoming End of Life Series for Adults, Youth Carpool to Denver at 9 a.m…

Murray's Ship, the "Hand in Hand."
Murray’s Ship, the “Hand in Hand.”

Kindergarten and up –  ” Invitation:” The Story of John Murray and Thomas Potter with Spenser Raymond and Clara Kelley

  • Thomas Potter invited the unknown by building a chapel for a preacher of a loving God.
  • John Murray invited a change of heart, by agreeing to preach even though he foreswore ministry “forever.”
  • Then:


  • TourJams – Inside and Outside of the facility. You are invited to get to know our building and grounds. Do you know where the Enchanted Forest is? Do you know what Rev. Lydia’s office looks like?

Preschoolers – with Miss Ari. Touring the facility.

School of the Spirit for Adults (and youth!):

Chernikoff Retreat PicRead about upcoming adult classes such as the End of Life Series, the Saturday Retreat with David Chernikoff, Wise Women Spirituality Group, The New Jim Crow Book Discussion Group and the Basics of Crochet online.



9 and 11 a.m. Youth Roles – lots of options

  • Youth and families are invited to carpool at 9 a.m. with Rachel Stevenson, Youth Coordinator, to attend the “Standing on the Side of Love” UU Service on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Denver.
  • Help Miss Ari in the preschool (for those who like the littlest ones)
  • Light the chalice
  • Take the offering (same as half-plate )
  • Also, we encourage 6th graders and older to represent BVUUF:
    • at the Welcoming Table
    •  as Greeters in the Sanctuary,
    • as trained Sound System aide
    • as SpiritJam guest teachers (we offered an EatingJam with Liliana Olivio on Fair Trade, and an OrigamiJam with Lucas Davis)
    • as Openers and Closers on Sundays
    • as Gardeners and Grounds Workers
    • Contact Rachel Stevenson at if you are interested.


Youth and Parents: Read all the news in “The Ship; UU Youth Newsletter”

Family Sorbet Shindig, 2 p.m. Sat. Sept. 26, BVUUF Sanctuary – What’s yummier than sorbet? Sharing it with friends, of course! The BVUUF Family Social Group invites you to share some sorbet and play board games. Contact Linda Thornton at with questions or to sign up for the Family Social Group list.

Lifespan School Council  meets Sunday, Oct. 11, 12:30 – 2 p.m. (and 4 other times during the year). Join Robert Nichols, Kelly LoGuidice, Jean Cannella, Katie Covey and others to guide the School of the Spirit.

Next SpiritJam Co-Creator Lab, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. for virtual or in-person brainstorming on November’s theme of “Ancestry.”

Your School of the Spirit Staff:

  • Rachel StevensonYouth Coordinator, 
  • Ari Flauta, Early Childhood Teacher,
  • Spenser RaymondSpiritJam Teacher, 
  • Katie CoveyDirector of the School of the Spirit,