Speaker: Brigitta Vieyra

Sources: Direct Experience

Direct experience is a wellspring for a life of faith where the everyday becomes luminous. Transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, is one UU source. Join us this Sunday for a contemplative service as we explore stories of mysticism woven fine throughout UU … read more.

MLK and the Struggle for Economic Justice

Most of us are familiar with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s strong stance on racial equality. But over the course of his life, Dr. King became increasingly aware and vocal about how the most stubborn obstacles in this country were more economic than racial. Join us as we explore the lasting implications of King’s analysis of class in our country.

Awesome and Awful

Sometimes the most challenging moments of our lives open us to the most awesome insights. Join Rev. Lydia and Service Associate Brigitta Vieyra as we explore how we can encounter the sacred in the best and the worst moments in life. Emily Jaworski, mezzo-soprano, and Tad Koriath, piano, will provide songs of awe in all situations.