Summer Connections Fair Trade

Looking for other ways to support the Fellowship?

You’re going to buy food anyway, so why not do it through the certificate program so that we benefit from it?

Grocery Certificates: a volunteer purchases reloadable grocery cards from King Soopers and Safeway. When members use these cards at the store, the retailer returns 5% of the purchases made back to the Fellowship. Grocery certificates can be purchased at Unity Plaza during coffee hour.

Coffee: We sell shade grown, fair trade, organic coffee that tastes far superior to ordinary coffee that you might buy in a can from the store. Both whole bean and pre-ground are available, along with caffeinated and decaf. We order the coffee from Benny’s Beans, a local Colorado roaster.

Chocolate: Want succulent chocolate bars that are fairly traded? Look no further! We source through Equal Exchange, and a portion of our sales support the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. (Fellowship members can attest to the Dark Chocolate bar with Sea Salt and Caramel!)

Books: Browse the wide variety of intriguing reads donated by BVUUF friends. Pick out a book and plop some change into the red donation box.