Waiting with Hope

I was gifted a beautiful book of poetry and photographs and recently came across this poem entitled Unannouced Angel – by Myra Dutton & Trish Tuley, Healing Ground: A Visionary Union of Earth and Spirit


There is nothing left of me.

Grief, hidden in the darkness,

shakes one last treasure from my breath.

In the surrender

of every dream and desire,

emptiness rings through the corridors

with only space waiting,

only being,

no consequence.

Slowly my heart unfolds,

showing its face like an unannouced angel,

unlimited, undaunted.

the words – hope, esperanza – wet my lips.

Beyond logic, I will survive

to dip my wings again in joy.

I remember fondly the season of advent from my Presbyterian upbringing. There were candles to be lit each week in anticipation of Christmas Eve. The candles were symbolic of four foundations on which this season rests; hope, peace, joy, love. There was always a waiting aspect to the lighting of each candle, as if it held some special marking of time, moving me closer to that which would “all turn out well” in the end.

There was a simplicity to the ritual, a true slowing down, to take notice of the moment, and honor all that could be. It felt like hope and peace, joy and love could only exist in those precious moments of lighting the advent wreath.

Now I understand that those aspects of advent are basic tenets of a Unitarian Universalist faith, and of most religious life. And that they are ever-present. We live in and into each of these aspects not only for ourselves but for each and every being. May we embrace the waiting and hold one another as an unannounced angel waiting to be born.

In hope, peace, joy and love; may you be – De Anna