Welcome Home

This month of Welcome comes after a full summer of amazing (the eclipse) and frightening (hurricanes, fires) occurrences. In a world that has us wondering and reeling from the realities of living, I offer this reflection.

Owl Heart by Myra Dutton

Invincible through the blackest night,

the clear-eyed moon emerges,

complete, encircled with light.

O Protectress of the world,

your sacred fire is my own.

Your curving surge, your fathomless depths,

your changing tides – my home.

We find ourselves at the beginning of another year – church year, school year – which marks a beginning for many of us. This is a vibrant time in the Fellowship and although the work seems daunting at times I am renewed by it. When I remember that I am here to live simply and to shed light, not to master,* I find that I can relax. I take a breath and lean into that which calls me towards love, in a world that needs my care and attention. So to you, my fellow travelers, Welcome Home. May you feel the warm welcome in this community. with love, De Anna

*inspired by lyrics of Terrapin Station, Robert Hunter

I encourage you to check in here for updates about all things School of the Spirit, Interim work, youth ministry, adult explorations and more. Until then, be well.